IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-10-13

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teK__iptables is the "complicated"/sophisticated way to do it07:57
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Romsteripset is the right way12:27
Romsterand that hashlimit wont take care of slow ssh attacks12:28
Romsterneed 2 stages one for the flood type 3 every 5 minutes etc and repeat offenders get banned a day week month year12:29
c0xslow password attack on DSA authentication? ;)12:38
Romsteror that12:39
Romsteri'm setup that the 4th failed attempt blocks... and if ya fail ont he 2nd or 3rd the 4th will reset the counter if it's correct.12:40
Romsterthough i probably need to redo my firewall at some point it's still on older crux.12:40
Romsterwith patched bash and openssl12:40
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