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jaegerWhat do you guys think of this git web interface?
prologicjaeger: looks nice and clean00:57
prologichave we considered spinning up our own instance of say Gitlab or Stash? (just a thought)00:58
jaegerI don't have any experience with stash but gitlab has a pile of framework deps that are rather annoying00:58
prologicit woudl be better to just run a dockerized image of it01:00
prologicif we wanted to try out gitlab01:00
prologicmaybe stash is easier to install though01:00
prologicfrom atlassian01:00
prologicreason I bring it up is that a) we’d obviously get a nicer ui for our git repos01:00
prologicbut more importantly though (I think) we’d get the nice workflows that dev folk are used to from github/bitbucket for crux01:00
prologicwithout necessarily moving everything to github for instance01:01
prologicflyspray is “oaky” but it’s cumbersome ihmo :)01:01
prologicand doesn’t really integrate that well into our repos01:01
jaegerI don't have a strong opinion on workflow myself, was just looking for something with a slightly nicer UI than gitweb01:02
jaegerthough of course that's subjective01:02
prologicgitlist loosk nice as I said :)01:03
prologicI just can’t help but think (subjective ofc) that it’s time for us to update our look and workflows :)01:04
prologicyou know, nice issue tracking and repo integration, pull requests, etc01:04
prologicboth gitlab and stash off github style features afaik (I’ve used gitlab quite a bit)01:05
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diversetilman: musl boasts about having correct written code. Code-correctness leads to having safer programs.01:49
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diversewhen using musl it would mean C programs that use the standard library will have safer code when compiled with it03:57
prologichas anyone tested core/opt against musl?04:01
prologicI assume if we adopted musl we’d also optionally ship glibc in opt?04:01
diversewell and there is also another problem, non-standard glibc code. I assume a lot of projects use glibcisms in their code, so it might not be as easy to switch to another libc permanently04:04
diverseunless if there is a way to pick a specific libc at the Pkgfile level?04:07
diversewell it might not be a "lot" but some projects would be picky about wanting to use glibc specifically. So if this were to happen, both musl and glibc would needed.04:11
diverseprologic: what are your thoughts?04:14
prologicI just like the license and lightweight nature of musl04:16
prologicI would even consider building a custom embedded verison of crux that uses musl and busybox or such04:16
prologicbeen doing a lot of embedded *duino type stuff a thome lately04:17
diversehehe, I think frinnst is going to fight you tooth and nail about musl's license if you want it to be default ;)04:17
diverseyou need to get past his GPL fortress :)04:20
prologicI’m a BSD/MIT fan :)04:22
diverseshh, don't say that out loud, you would be next on his hitlist ;P04:24
diversesigh although it would be nice to just put licenses aside and be practical by trying out different projects despite the license04:30
jaegersip used to maintain a uclibc crux if I remember right... years ago, though04:33
diverseso the idea would be that prologic can maintain a musl crux?04:38
prologicwe don’t actively maintain such a crux anymore though?04:38
prologicyeah well I’d defiantely use it if it proved to be useful in some way04:38
prologici.e: for embedded use perhaps04:38
prologicor home autmaiton04:38
diverseyou mean for desktop use?04:39
prologicwell that’s a different story I guess04:40
prologicnot sure a lot of X/Xorg/Wayland stuff would even work that well on musl or ulibc?04:40
prologiclet along thing like XFCE/etc?04:40
diversesigh, dang glibcisms04:40
prologiconly one way to find out :)04:40
diversewell it would be cool if you can specify the libc per port on Crux, imo04:41
prologicyeah maybe04:43
prologicbut that adds an additional voerhead and complexity to Pkgfile(s) and pkgmk/prt-get I suppose04:43
prologicnot sonething anyone that developers, maintains or uses crux has wanted really?04:43
diverseyeah I'm sure no one wants to go out of their way to do it04:44
diverseit would require hacking the prt-get and pkgmk source04:45
prologicI wish I could sit down one day though and find the time to write a python version of pkgtools and prt-get04:46
prologicI’ve always wanted to so I could reuse crux ports/packages on other non-crux systems04:47
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