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Romsterwhats openssl tsa used for?
Romsteri see ours is set to ./demoCA07:44
Romsterand we should enable enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_12807:50
jueRomster: how is the arch patch related to your tsa question?08:30
Romsterit sets the path to /etc/ssl08:36
Romsterinstead of ./demoCA08:36
Romstershouldn't we be doing the same?08:36
Romsterdoes nothing use TSA?08:37
jueagain, how is the arch patch related to your tsa question?08:37
Romsterthey set a path08:37
Romsterand why do we not do this?08:38
Romsterand shoulnd't we set that to /etc/ssl as well?08:38
Romsterand why are we still behind the times of not using enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 ? since we are now 64bit08:38
Romsterso 3 questins two relating to TSA one on why we don't optimize with enable-ec_nistp_64_gcc_12808:40
Romsterwhat is TSA for i googled didn't find anything and why we don't set the path to /etc/ssl08:40
Romsteris this some obsolete thing we do not need?08:41
Romsteror some important issue that no one has reported or even spotted?08:41
diverseTime Stamping Authority?
Romsteryeah i read time stamping but know no more than that.08:46
Romsterof course i should of also looked on openssl.org08:47
jueusing the optimization seem appropriate, setting openssl.cnf is nothing important because it's mainly used for ca management08:47
Romsterok so since we don't do openssl ca management it wont affect us.08:47
Romsterstill not changing a trivial fix feels wrong in my opinion but wont affect us.08:48
juewell, as usual, we ship with the defaults whenever possible and sane08:51
Romsteri was just curious when i saw that path in the cnf file.08:51
Romsteri understand that.08:51
Romsterand its better to pint out anyting questionable and learn and possible get it fixed than to leave it be.08:53
teK__jue: I think libxml2 needs rm -rf instead of rm -r (or an update of the targets)12:34
teK__+ rm -r /home/tmp/libxml2-work/pkg/usr/share/doc /home/tmp/libxml2-work/pkg/usr/share/gtk-doc12:34
teK__rm: cannot remove '/home/tmp/libxml2-work/pkg/usr/share/doc': No such file or directory12:34
teK__rm: cannot remove '/home/tmp/libxml2-work/pkg/usr/share/gtk-doc': No such file or directory12:34
teK__=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/libxml2#2.9.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:34
teK__uck, same goes for openssl-3212:40
juehmm, that's strange12:42
juebuild for me on several boxes, even on one box without any X/gtk stuff12:45
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jueteK__: will lock at that later, currently fighting with cups 2.0 ;)12:56
teK__beat that beast :>12:58
teK__openssl-32 says:12:58
teK__+ rm -r /home/tmp/openssl-32-work/pkg/usr/bin /home/tmp/openssl-32-work/pkg/usr/include /home/tmp/openssl-32-work/pkg/usr/man /home/tmp/openssl-32-work/pkg/etc12:58
teK__rm: cannot remove '/home/tmp/openssl-32-work/pkg/usr/bin': No such file or directory12:58
teK__stfl says:
teK__sqlite3 says:
teK__wpa_supplicant says:  ... I think something may be broken here (yet mpv built just fine some seconds ago)13:01
teK__hah.. make was updated successfully I think this may be the root cause13:01
teK__somebody please update his/her make and build sqlite3 or something13:02
jueteK__: doesn't help, but it works for me :)13:05
teK__with the new mak?13:05
jueI'm running make 4.1 for several days here, without any issues13:05
teK__this truly sucks13:08
teK__% file =make13:14
teK__/usr/bin/make: empty13:14
teK__what the hell13:14
teK__make depends on make. BOOOOH13:15
teK__my laptop ran out of power probably exactly the time the built packages was supposed to be extracted to / .. so no worries folsk (as if you did that :P)13:16
Romsterwtf teK__13:42
Romsteris this before or after my updates13:42
Romsterthey all build in a clean chroot.13:42
jaegerteK__: under what circumstances would a USB device show up as /dev/vd* ? Never seen that. Some kind of virtio USB emulation?13:43
Romsteroh teK__  borked his make.13:47
teK__Romster: yes indeed. As described.13:48
teK__jaeger: It's just a speculation, I had that issue when playing with the ISO a LONG time ago13:49
Romsterpretty bad state thought pkgutils was atomic.13:49
Romsterthough it probably can't recover on its own13:49
teK__Romster: it's bsdtar's job I think13:49
teK__and even if the db would not have reflected the new make it sstill would have failed on the next update ;)13:50
teK__and yes vda seems to be virtio-stuff13:50
teK__% lsblk | grep vda213:51
teK__└─vda2 254:2    0 129.8G  0 part /13:51
Romsteri thought of making a initramfs and using a root LV in lvm2 and doing a snapshot of it to apply updates too. and if it's good merge it back into origin else discard and try again.13:51
teK__this is on serverop (which runs in a kvm/qemu)13:51
Romsterbut too much effort and i have a SSD now13:52
teK__hehe yes Romster, that's quite and act ;)13:52
Romsteranything major i keep the older built packages i can quickly replace with pkgadd13:53
teK__as long as you do not screw up the main tools :P13:53
teK__had to copy make from another host to rebuild make :p13:53
Romsteryeah i messed up libarchive once13:53
teK__jaeger: you ok with me changing the regex?13:54
Romsteri mounted the iso and pkgadded that copy with pkgutils13:54
jaegerI don't think a USB storage device will ever land there but it won't hurt to check virtio drives for the media in case someone's doing an install from hard disk13:55
Romsteranother host is fine too.13:55
jaegerI'll change it locally since I've got a branch with fixed EFI booting here13:55
teK__but you will have a merge conflict later13:55
teK__so we can withold that change if you won't forget to push some time later :)13:56
Romstereh merge conflicts are relatively easy to fix in git.13:56
Romsterbut avoiding them where possible is the better solution. i figure.13:57
teK__let's say what Bernd has to say about my proposal :)13:57
jaegerI wonder if he copied the 'crux-media' file to his new ISO/USB environment14:00
teK__he better has14:20
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RomsterMISSING   9c541f553c2491c56fc8b6126ff4ff73  gnuplot-4.6.6.tar.gz16:59
RomsterNEW       02a980b37ba181f7510816ed6440c9c1  gnuplot-4.6.6.tar.gz16:59
juetzzz, yet another silent update, here's the diff ->17:06
Romsteris that really the diff?17:06
jueoops, sorry17:06
Romstergood lord they updated it just for that?17:07
leo-unglaubhey :)17:11
leo-unglaubi am currently hacking a little bit on pkgadd and i have an idea17:11
leo-unglaubwhat about adding the directory /etc/pkgadd.d/ so that packages can install there own rules on what files should be keept and what should not ...17:12
leo-unglaubi just killed some data because if forgott to add the rulesets in /etc/pkgadd.conf *g*17:12
Romsterjue, make 4.1 segfaults17:36
Romsteri reverted to 4.0 and ok17:36
Romstermust be my distcc/ccache again....17:39
jaegerit's almost always distcc or ccache, heh17:41
Romsteri probably have to dump my ccache cache17:44
Romsterwhy would updating make do that though?17:45
jaegerteK__:;a=summary <-- pushed my most recent updates17:47
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frinnsthm, how is ck4up setup? i cant find a entry for btrfs-progs20:05
frinnstneed to change the url20:06
frinnstanyways, added an entry for btrfs-progs since none existed. I thought i was sure i've gotten notifications on btrfs-progs before?20:11
jaegerI don't recall20:23
teK__jaeger: ok21:09
jaegerjue: is jre 1.7.0_72 actually available? I only see 1.7.0_71 available22:18
jaegerjue: ah, it's on OTN but not, it seems22:21
jaegerso no change needed, I just went to the wrong URL for some reason22:22
jaegerjue: on a side note, would you consider adding a symlink for /usr/lib/jre/bin/jcontrol (or ControlPanel) to $PKG/usr/bin in a future update of jre?22:24
jaegernothing requires it, just a convenience22:24
frinnstomg, new lilo release23:24
frinnstanybody using it that can test it?23:24
jaegerI use grub everywhere, myself23:30
jaegerxorg-server's footprint changes if wayland is installed23:38
teK__good joachim :}23:40
frinnstand we have xwayland disabled in xorg-server too23:41
frinnstintroducing wayland may cause all sorts of issues23:42
teK__I suspect that, too -_-23:52
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