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jaegerit breaks libva-intel's build00:54
jaegeri965_output_wayland.c:31:41: fatal error: wayland-drm-client-protocol.h: No such file or directory00:56
jaegerfor reference00:56
frinnstnice. Its probably best to revert for now01:20
jaegerthat would be my preference01:23
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frinnstromster will probably be awake soon01:32
jaegerI really hate busybox sometimes02:36
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jaegerfor some reason I can no longer uncompress the rootfs on the ISO, just get "tar: corrupted data" and "tar: short read"03:08
jaegerof course it works fine outside the initramfs env03:09
jaegerargh... what the fuck03:33
jaegerIt works fine on another USB drive03:33
jaegerAND it works fine if I untar it from the original USB drive but in a live system03:33
Romsteri only added wayland not did any changes on mesa3d nor xorg-server. just added the wayland library for libva to build for teks libva-intel.05:26
Romsterconsidering --disable-wayland on libva does nothing. and patcing it every release seems stupid and a pain. due to everything is moving to wayland support.05:28
Romsterneed to update the rest on my pc and test it out05:28
Romsternrxtx, are you aware western needs pam?06:21
nrxtxRomster: yes didn't i add it to dependencies? if i got it right you can either use systemd or pam for authentication08:11
Romsternope and i got cleaned up Pkgfiles and moved some dependencies to there correct locations.08:15
Romsteri can't add the rest to crux 3.1 it'll have to wait for crux 3.208:15
Romsteri can give you the cleanups i've done though and i'll keep these ports for later use.08:15
juejaeger: sure, will add the link08:20
juefrinnst: will test the new lilo08:21
Romsteri use lilo here too.08:29
nrxtxRomster: sure then i can update mine08:38
Romsteri haven't fully cleaned them up but better08:41
Romsternrxtx, ^08:43
Romsteri didn't diff sorry but it's either a warning about a configure option missing or dependencies were all over the place.08:44
Romsterwhat i do is use finddeps foo add them to the depends on line minus glibc gcc08:44
Romsterand what i also do then is findredundantdeps -s with the change sin the usual prtdir path for prt-get.conf08:45
Romsterand fix each one up and test it all prt-get depinst in a chroot.08:45
Romsterbut i didn't do the later bit yet libinput though depends on mtdev so i removed mtdev off the Pkgfile that listed libinput08:46
diversethe new lilo? Did lilo rewrite itself?08:48
diverseoh newer version is out08:51
diversealthough looks like support for it is ending end of next year08:52
nrxtxRomster: thx08:57
Romsternrxtx, i'd add the pam deps and stuff too and i'd like to know how to setup pam08:59
Romsterbut for now it's probably too early for wayland09:00
Romsterdiverse, i tried grub2 never again its configuration was insanely complex09:00
nrxtxRomster: it works by just having the libs installed if you start it by suid haven'T tried the pam stuff further09:01
diverseRomster: I'm worried about that end of support though09:09
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jaegerjue: thanks :)14:15
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