IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-10-22

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frinnstyeah, .1 solved the issues I was having10:20
frinnstcurrently running 3.18-rc1 without issues as of yet10:20
frinnstRomster: what hardware runs on xorg-xf86-video-ast ?10:20
frinnstintegrated gpu on server boards?10:21
frinnstcool. I've yet to come across it10:22
frinnsttyan seems to use it on some products10:23
Romsterits a small port anf its part of freedesktop10:24
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jaegerlooks like the ffmpeg update broke vlc building15:39
jaegerconfigure: error: libavcodec versions 56 and later are not supported yet.15:39
juejaeger: the apr donwload works for me, perhaps only a temporary error?17:31
jaegerjue: seems fine now, sorry for the noise17:33
jueno worries17:36
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