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Romsterdamn i didn't check vlc against ffmpeg only xine-lib07:26
RomsterteK_, ^ patch for vlc to build with newer ffmpeg07:27
Romsterseems they are just too strict on version numbers than to check for the necessary functions they use.07:47
Romsterwhy can't programs check for the functions they use or an ABI version number.07:47
teK_how are they supposed to check available functions? configure-style?07:48
teK_i.e. create sample code, compile, check?07:49
Romsterconfigure style symbol look up perhaps?07:49
Romsteror sample code07:49
Romsterwell i guess that 56 top 57 is the ABI version of that library07:50
Romstermight need that too07:51
Romsterman that is huge07:55
Romsteralso your indentation of --mandir=/usr/man \ is off to the rest of it.07:55
teK_I hate vim on that part08:01
teK_or my configuration08:01
Romstertabs/spaces yeah08:05
Romsterit gets me sometimes too.08:05
Romster:set syntax=whitespace08:08
Romsterhas to be an easier way08:13
frinnstusbutils 008 no longer ships usb.ids and refers to upstream for that file08:23
frinnst ?08:23
juefrinnst: usbutils depends on udev now and is using it's hwdb instead of usb.ids09:00
frinnstah goodie09:00
frinnstthought usb.ids was still used09:00
jueseems to work fine here, but will do some more tests on different machines09:01
juebut you are right, is still looking for usb.ids09:16
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Romsteri did edit those packages when i was running hvl to cron download updated database.10:07
Romstercould we do something similar?10:07
Romsteror too complex or not needed?10:10
frinnstShipping usb.ids with the port is probably simpler. And just refetch it when updating usbutils or whatnot10:17
frinnstyou have the update-pciids, but how often is that run? :)10:27
frinnstnot by default10:29
Romstercron job10:29
frinnstyeah, but not by default. you must have added it yourself10:30
Romsteryes i added it10:30
frinnstphew, got me worried for a second10:30
Romsterthought it was nice to add then forget10:31
jueRomster: why didn't you use update-pciids that comes with pciutils?10:41
jueand the equivalent of usbutils?10:42
juefrinnst: I agree, let's add a usb.ids to the port for now10:43
Romsteruh might not of existed back then or i didnt see it?10:48
Romsterdon't know10:48
juehmm, a usb-20140825.ids.xz is around 150k, probably better to host that on even though 150k is more or less nothing nowadays?10:48
Romstermore or less but i would't wanna see that in the git tree10:50
juewhy not?10:51
Romsteri guess not.10:51
Romsterwasn't really made for binary archives?10:52
juefrom a technical point of view, not a problem for git10:53
Romsteralso doesn't ports command have a 60 second time out? probably ok o 150kb file but on some of the larger footprints it wasn't fun.10:53
Romsterhmm k so why not indeed.10:53
frinnstguess we could start to host btrfs-man-pages on git too instead of in distfiles11:28
frinnsteasier to maintain11:28
jaegerCan anyone else confirm we have this issue with our core/psmisc fuser?
juejaeger: yeah, see that13:53
jaegerok, thanks. want me to apply the patch in the bugreport?13:58
jaeger(well, after testing it :))13:58
frinnstthe patch seems simple enough :)14:00
jaegerit seems to work here14:03
juejaeger: would be great, thx14:03
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jaegerRomster: if it doesn't break something else of yours, would you mind updating glibmm to 2.38.2?15:48
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jaegerdoh! my sound has gone away18:03
jaegerah ha! it hasn't gone away, firefox was hogging it18:06
jaegerdoes ppp need to live in core?19:26
teK_I bet not ;)19:49
teK_and it is sooo 2005, anyway :>19:49
jaegerWas just glancing at stuff in there, unzip and zip could probably move out of core as wlel19:49
teK_possibly, yes19:51
teK_btw do you know what prologic's status on a (small) CRUX docker container is?19:52
teK_just read about a standard ubuntu requiring 700MB or something like that19:52
teK_(perl AND python for apt etc. ....)19:52
frinnstanybody else using the curl patch for pkgutils?20:00
frinnstno issues here for me after a months use20:00
jaegernot I, though I have no objections if it works20:01
teK_patches what?20:02
teK_frinnst: did you like  'A Most Wanted Man'?20:32
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prologicteK_, I have it, just not published21:02
prologicteK_, I got openvz containers for crux down to ~30M of ro21:02
prologic$ docker images | grep crux21:03
prologiccrux                         latest              3ac523374614        4 months ago        376.4 MB21:03
prologicprologic/crux-python         latest              8f71e6d48237        8 months ago        693.4 MB21:03
prologicI could optimize my crux-python image quite a bit I realize21:04
prologicI'll do some image update soon21:04
teK_good to know22:35
prologicI’ll try to push our crux 3.1 images soon too22:39
prologicbeen a bit slcak on that front22:39
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