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jaegerjue: is it intentional that xxd isn't installed with the vim port? Not a complaint, just curious. I might make an xxd port :)01:10
prologicwhat’s xxd?01:29
prologicI’ve been an avid vim user for god knows :)01:29
prologicnever heard of xxd :)01:29
jaegerhex dumping tool01:30
prologicwhat’s wrong with hexdump from util-linux?01:54
jaegernothing particularly01:58
jaegerjust used to xxd. hexdump -C is pretty close01:59
prologici don’t seem to do much viewing of hex dumps of things these days but ping me when you have a port for xdd I’ll check it out :)02:02
jaegerIt's very rare that I need to, just checking out a blu-ray playlist file at the moment02:02
jaegerused it at work to analyze some DICOM data a few times, too02:02
prologicAny of the core crux devs/maintainers object to my creating a crux organization on for the express purpose of publishing crux specific images of things? For example I have prologic/crux-python prologic/crux-mosquitto to name a few which could benefit from being called just crux/python etc…02:04
jaegerI have no objection02:10
prologicI’ll give it a day or two before I do02:13
prologicbut I’d like to get started on that soon02:14
prologicand get the crux std. lib image updated to 3.1 as well02:14
prologicmy goal (I think) is to keep one version behind up-to-date02:14
prologicand a crux/<image> set of std. lib images based on crux02:14
prologiclet’s face:02:16
prologic$ docker images | grep python02:16
prologicprologic/crux-python   latest              3db35a72f8ce        2 hours ago         424.2 MB02:16
prologicpython                 2                   379c77a724fa        2 weeks ago         891.4 MB02:16
prologicmy python stack (on crux) is over 1/2 the size of the std. lib one “python” (presumably based on Ubuntu I think)02:16
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teK_but it surely lacks systemd!08:35
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frinnstprologic: go for it08:52
prologicteK_, sorry what? :)09:07
prologicso 2 "go for it" :) awesome09:07
prologicI personally think it'll be great for those that give two hoots about their deployments :)09:07
teK_rock it, prologic.09:08
juejaeger: dunno why we do not install it. Will change that with the next vim release09:22
jueprologic: no objections from my side09:22
prologicawesome :)11:38
Romsterif i ever get to use docker i'd pitch in11:39
jaegerjue: fair enough, thanks :)12:08
jaegerIs really slow in general or is it my route to there?12:40
frinnstnot that quick - ~20kb/s13:31
frinnstouch, 15kb now13:31
frinnst eta 30m 1s13:31
jaegerIt fluctuates a lot, too13:33
frinnstshame i removed the tarball with pkgmk -c && pkgmk :)13:34
frinnstor i'd mirror it for you13:34
jaegerI've already updated, was just complaining :)13:34
jaegerit took 30 minutes or so13:34 is really slow.13:39
juefrinnst: seen the mesa 10.3.2 release?13:52
frinnstyeah i run it at home13:53
frinnsti think.. or maybe i forgot to upgrade :)13:53
jueworks for me with nouveau and intel13:54
jueok, so no objections to push the update?13:55
jaegernone from me if it hasn't caused you any trouble14:06
juefrinnst: ?14:35
jaegerApropos of nothing I've been messing with PulseAudio lately to see if it's less of a pain in the ass these days. It's actually not causing me any trouble so far.14:45
jaegerWon't surprise me if it does, though. :)14:45
frinnstnot at all, but is it considered stable?15:03
frinnsti thought that branch was a development branch, but i guess its just the first releases from that branch?15:04
teK_wget update incoming, fixes sec. vuln.15:05
teK_hdmoore: "Metasploit module will be out soon"15:06
frinnstyeah saw that15:11
teK_you are fast15:13
frinnst* No longer create local symbolic links by default.  Closes CVE-2014-4877.15:16
frinnstthey just released15:52
jaegerIs anyone qualified to fix cruxbot or should we disable it for now?15:58
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teK_it's written in ruby so: not me16:20
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jaegerteK_: would it break anything of yours to make contrib/tinyxml use STL? I have a tinyxml override in my repo for that as XBMC requires it16:24
teK_I have noooo idea16:26
teK_let me a)finish this episode b) look into it16:26
jaegerNo problem. I don't mind keeping my version around if you don't want to change it or if it causes problems, just figured I'd ask :)16:35
teK_holy moly. A VM in qemu uses 0-9% CPU, the host shows ~25-30% CPU16:38
teK_shopt -s extglob16:39
teK_linkage did not change at all16:46
teK_so I guess I'm fine with adding -DTIXML_USE_STL.16:46
teK_and I'm not quite sure what the entity.patch 's first part is supposed to fixed...16:48
jaegerno idea there, I haven't looked closely at that16:48
juefrinnst: yeah, only 10.3.016:51
frinnstteK_: are you typing perhaps? I can get qemu to spike in cpu when i do :)17:28
frinnstjue: ack17:28
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nrxtxfrinnst: still have the mirror offer for cairo?17:55
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teK_jaeger: the patch is legit. Pushing the STL thingy, please reportback if your problem persits18:15
nrxtxfrinnst: thanks a lot18:18
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jaegerteK_: cool, thanks. I'll try to test it this evening18:51
nrxtxRomster: have fun :D or anyone else who might have interest19:16
teK_jaeger: did you see? He's using JSON!119:18
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nrxtxyou can also use|atom) if you have a rss/atom-feedreader19:37
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jaegerteK_: got a chance to test it, seems the patch and the sed stuff is necessary to get it to work20:19
jaegerI sorta remember it being a pain to figure out at the time but it's been so long now I don't remember the details20:19
jaegerteK_: also the sonames are weird.20:21
jaeger <-- contrib/tinyxml vs. jaeger/tinyxml .footprint20:23
jaegerteK_: does it actually work the way it is in contrib?21:00
teK_it's a dep of filezilla21:31 => /usr/lib/ (0x00007f5283425000)21:31
teK_and yes it does work21:31
teK_from that POV21:31
teK_but you are right the sonames _are_ weird21:35
jaegerdo you have anything linking to the weird names or just to
jaegerIf only to then they're just sitting around being useless :)21:36
jaegerxbmc is the only thing I have using it but it links against
jaegertake a look at my Pkgfile if you don't mind, it's got the STL stuff and normal sonames21:37
jaegernot a high priority, though21:42
teK_my guess was that -D...STL was sufficient for the STL part22:00
jaegerseems not, unfortunately.22:05
teK_so we will use your complete Pkgfile22:06
teK_Maintainer: you or me?22:06
teK_oh and did you hear of asmxml? it's just 100 times cooler and faster than anything else :)22:07
jaegerI only use it for xbmc so I can't consider myself any kind of expert :)22:07
teK_I only use it for filezilla so I can't conser myself any kind of expert :x22:08
jaegerhehe, fair enough22:08
jaegerYou're welcome to keep maintenance, I have no investment in it22:08
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teK_omg, wget got a new scrolling URL thingy23:19
teK_fat :O)23:19
jaegeryeah, that's pretty slick, hehe23:24
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