IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-10-30

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Romsteri had ot run gl-select use xorg/nvidia a few times it still said i had missing files rebuilt xorg-server mesa3d and mesa3d-32, same result with gl-select. startx... run gl-select again same error, second run oh error gone. exit and startx again. all good on accelerated 3d.08:48
Romsteron another note lilo is fine.09:03
diverseI'm so looking forward to using efistub09:07
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juefrinnst: libtool 2.4.3 works fine for me10:26
jueeudev 2.1.1 as well ;)10:27
frinnstoh new eudev too? its not in the ck4up script, is it? cause i always miss those releases :)10:39
Romsterwhy don't you lot share a common ck4up git tree script for the core ports?10:40
frinnstwe do have a shared ck4up10:41
frinnstthat runs from daily10:41
Romsterthen how could it be missing stuff.10:42
juefrinnst: that's my fault, forgot to add it10:54
juebut should work now10:54
Romsteris usb-compat still used now?10:57
Romsterand by what?10:57
jueRomster: dependent shows libgphoto2 and bluez for me, will verifiy if it's still valid for libgphoto211:09
juefrinnst: added an entry for man-db and libpipeline too11:09
Romsteri don't use either of them ports so usb-compat is pretty much not needed by me at least.11:10
Romsterits been there for awhile just curious if it's still useful.11:11
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diverseGCC 5.0 will switch C default to C11 standard13:21
Romsterwont have to worry until 3.2 if we go with gcc 4.9.x or 5.x13:23
Romsteri think we'll end up on 4.9.x and keep 5.x for far later.13:23
diverseJust thought I leave that as a notifier for jaeger, jue, tilman, frinnst, and co13:24
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jaegerhow odd. I have one machine that builds libxml2-python-32 incorrectly and another that works fine20:14
jaegerthe failing one is putting files into $PKG/usr/lib instead of $PKG/usr/lib3220:15
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