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jaegerhrmm. man-pages should probably depend on mandb instead of man02:57
Romsterthat makes sense03:01
jaegerwonder why I didn't notice that before03:01
Romsterthere all in core probable not that many core ports have the correct dependencies?03:02
Romsterwasn't the real reason not to list core ports in other ports to avoid the prt-get remove `prt-get quickdep foo` issue?03:03
jaegerI think it was just because core is assumed to be installed03:03
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juejaeger: we should just remove the dependency, not necessary at all12:13
jueRomster: which core port has wrong dependencies?12:14
jueRomster: btw, please add a ticket to our tracker for the openssl configure option, without that we might forgot to discuss/add it12:17
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jueRomster: the reason why we do not add all deps is to simplify things; without such a rule we have to add stuff like make/sed/gawk/auto* etc. to nearly every port12:47
juebut we talked about the same thing countless times already ;)12:48
jueRomster: if you find a core port that doesn't list any other port it links against, it's a bug and will be fixed13:09
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NomiusHey folks15:54
NomiusI don't know if you saw it, but latest openssh removed tcp_wrappers support15:56
diverseiirc, the devs were mentioning about ditching tcp_wrappers a while ago. As frinnst mentions, it's 80's tech15:59
NomiusThat would be awesome15:59
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frinnstlots of stuff still use and depend on it still17:17
frinnstnfs and exim are two things that springs to mind17:17
frinnstunsure regarding nfs-utils how hard the dep is. iirc it didnt build as is without tcp_wrappers installed17:19
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Nomiusnfs-utils is optional18:36
Nomius(I mean, the tcp wrappers are optional in nfs-utils)18:37
NomiusAnd exim provides USE_TCP_WRAPPERS=no18:39
frinnstah, goodie19:44
frinnstI just removed tcp_wrappers and did a quick rebuild to see what would break. never even looked at any options to disable it19:44
frinnst.. because im lazy :)19:44
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diversefrinnst: you're not lazy20:16
juewrt libwrap, until now it's our policy to enable it whenever possible, see exim-config.patch for example20:53
juewe might change that in the future, but that's something that needs to be discussed20:55
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