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prologicAre our ca-certificates port installing things in the right place for most things?03:27
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prologicWhat packages could I remove from the docker crux image as part of the official std. lib that are probably (most likely) useless in a container environment?06:37
prologicall fs packages?06:37
prologicwget? (curl is enough?)06:38
prologicvim? (install it yourself if you need an editor in your container?)06:38
prologicopenssh? (docker 1.3 has docker exec for entering/debugging a container - hardly a need for ssh unless that's the service you're providing)06:39
prologiceudev (udev doesn't work on containers anyway)06:39
frinnstpkgmk use wget, so dont :)06:42
frinnsteudev, perhaps. unless something else needs it (libdevmapper?)06:43
frinnstbut i guess you dont do any sort of volume management for a container?06:43
prologicahh ofc06:45
prologicit wouldn't make much ense to do so either06:45
prologicunless you get some block devices into your container06:45
prologicwhich is theoretically possible but non-portable since you'd be sharing host block devices into the container and elevating privileges06:46
prologicanything else?06:46
prologicI'm coming up with a list that hopefully won'e break anything06:46
prologic# Remove unnecessary packages06:50
prologicpkgs=( btrfs-progs e2fsprogs ed eudev exim hdparm jfsutils kbd kmod openssh pciutils ppp psmisc reiserfsprogs vim xfsprogs)06:50
prologicfor pkg in ${pkgs[@]}; do06:50
prologic    chroot ${1} /usr/bin/pkgrm $pkg06:50
prologic done06:50
prologic16 packages I've come up with that are probably not that useful and just take up image space06:50
prologicCan glibc-32 go too?07:00
prologicWho runs 32-bit server/container stuff?07:00
frinnstif you remove glibc-32 you need to rebuild the toolchain07:26
frinnstand proprietary applications usually have 32bit components in them07:27
frinnstone that we use at work uses a 32bit installer.....07:27
juegood morning08:16
frinnstmornin'. not sure about the "good" part - it's monday :)08:16
juewell, it's at least a sunny morning here :)08:18
jueprologic: don't remove eudev, a lot of other stuff depends on it, see prt-get dependent eudev08:18
prologicfrinnst, I put it back :)08:24
frinnst32bit crap needs to die asap :)08:25
prologicjue, ok nps08:25
prologicwe're at 322MB base image for crux 3.108:26
prologicdown from 375MB for crux 3.008:26
prologic# Remove unnecessary packages08:26
prologicpkgs=(btrfs-progs e2fsprogs ed exim hdparm jfsutils kbd kmod lilo openssh pciutils ppp psmisc reiserfsprogs vim xfsprogs)08:26
prologicremoving the above packages08:26
prologicto be clear; this is the Docker base image for the docker hub's stad. lib of images (centos, ubuntu, debian, etc, etc)08:27
teK_did you check out what made the 50MB difference between 3.0 and 3.1?08:30
frinnstdo you need the libusb stuff in the image?08:32
diversesigh, I wish hdparm was in the iso, along with gptfdisk08:51
frinnstfdisk/cfdisk has gpt support these days. why hdparm?08:51
diversehdparm has secure erase which is valuable for wiping SSDs. Did gdisk get merged with fdisk upstream recently?08:53
prologicteK_, I've removed a bit of stuff08:53
prologicthe 3.1 (unmodified) is ~10M or so smaller than 3.008:54
prologicfrinnst, re libusb -- in theory it's possible (actually just tested it) to run a container in privileged mode with full access to the host's devices08:55
prologicwhich makes me wonder whether I should remove anything at all - except maybe vim :)08:55
diverseoh wait, I'm probably confused. Are we talking about the list of prebuilt packages to install with?08:57
prologicwe're talking about the crux 3.1 base image for the docker hub's std. lib08:58
prologicI'm trying to get a 3.1 updated image otu :)08:58
prologic$ docker images | grep crux08:59
prologiccrux                      3.1                 53d7b1c0faf4        About an hour ago   322.9 MB08:59
prologiccrux                      3.0                 16bd2766bc2f        4 weeks ago         375.5 MB08:59
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