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prologicjaeger, is it possible for you to build updated 3.0 and 3.1 ISO(s)?04:15
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diversefrinnst: did gptfdisk merge into fdisk?12:13
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jaegerprologic: 3.1's easy enough, 3.0 would take more time. Why?22:52
prologicdon't worry about 3.0 too much22:54
prologicbut if you could do 3.1 that would be awesome22:54
prologicas for the why?22:54
prologica) it saves me from doing a sysup as part of my build process22:54
prologicand b) your iso(s) are my "source of truth"22:54
prologictbh I'm not really sure how to handle image updates as such yet22:55
prologice.g: CVE, security updates?22:55
prologicI can either update the source of the packages (which come from the ISO) and rebuild the image(s)22:55
prologicor add RUN prt-get update ... instructions to the Dockerfile22:55
prologicbut the later adds additinoal layers to the base image22:56
prologic$ docker images | grep crux22:56
prologiccrux                      3.0                 f70eb5eda581        14 hours ago        297.2 MB22:56
prologiccruxbuild                 latest              7683af8a1baf        14 hours ago        375.6 MB22:56
prologiccrux                      3.1                 a6e7b27321db        14 hours ago        322.9 MB22:56
prologicif you have any ideas :)22:56
prologicideally I'd like to get to a point where I have a system/tool(s) where I can update the images really easily22:57
prologicI now do thanks to
jaegerI used to have a CI server building ISO images weekly. Not sure why I let that die22:57
prologicnow see that would be perfect22:57
prologicwhat I'd eventually like to do as wlel is havea CI that builds packages22:58
jaegerfairly simple to set up with jenkins and a script or two22:58
prologici.e: all of core/opt/contrib22:58
prologicfor x86 for now22:58
prologiceven easier with drone22:58
prologicif you like I can look into getting htis up again?22:58
prologicI suspect building the ISO(s) are going to be rather easy with my docker images?22:59
prologicsince they are clean as you can get :)22:59
jaegerfeel free. I don't have any of it left but it was a simple setup22:59
jaegerIt checked out the new ports, ran prtwash, updated whatever needed it22:59
jaegerSame as I do with the ISO, actually, just scripted23:00
prologicin any case; in the mean time a 3.1 update would be good :)23:00
prologicif you don't mind23:00
prologicI tried to do a sysup as part of my image build and it failed miserabily23:00
jaegerI can start one this evening23:00
prologicso I suspect some ports are broken :/23:00
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