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prologicRe org name "crux" on the Docker hub. Turns out you can't have that since it appears to be taken by the "crux" image itself that I maintain in the official standard library of images :/03:17
prologicSo I was thinking of creating cruxlinux as an org and building/publishing crux-based images as cruxlinux/python for example03:17
jaegerif you're in charge of both seems like you can change it if you like?03:24
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prologicI can :)03:59
prologicjust seeking approval from the "crux community/developers" :)04:00
prologicAlso I've just spun up an iso docker image builder thingy04:00
prologicso I should have some kind of iso building ci going soon04:00
prologicit's building as we speak04:00
prologicif this works out okay ...04:12
prologicmetal blank :)04:12
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prologicIs there a crux email address that is linked to a gravatar containing the crux logo?04:37
prologicwow bootstrap stage 0 takes a whiel :)05:03
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teK_prologic: nope08:17
prologicteK_, sorry nope what?08:41
teK_05:37 < prologic> Is there a crux email address that is linked to a gravatar containing the crux logo?09:01
prologiccan we setup one for our mailinst list address?09:04
prologicor the devel ml09:04
teK_where would it appear, for example?09:05
prologicfor the moment on the docker hub's cruxlinux org09:06
prologicthey use gravatars (no way of uploading a logo image)09:06
teK_I created a CRUX account there, iirc09:07
teK_yes I did09:08
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prologicoh oh oh09:13
prologicthat explains everything09:14
prologicI wanted to create that org09:14
prologicbut couldn't :)09:14
prologiccan we merge cruxlinux into crux09:14
prologicdocker run -i -t crux/python09:14
prologicis much nicer :)09:14
teK_have to figure out how to grant access..09:15
teK_I can create a repo and grant access to you there09:16
prologicI think you can just add me as a member09:16
prologicor something like that09:16
teK_if thats ok with you09:16
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teK_ /crux is just the user I think09:16
prologica single repo won't do :)09:16
prologicyeah no wait09:17
prologicconvert it to an org09:17
prologicthen add me as a member (group)09:17
teK_brain dead account name restrictions ahead09:19
prologicdid you not get in early enough to have tek? :)09:20
teK_tek has too few leters09:20
teK__ not allowed09:20
prologictektek :)09:20
teK_This value may contain only lower case letters and numbers, at least 3 and no more than 30 characters09:22
teK_for Group names09:22
teK_initial Group:09:22
teK_whatsyour account name09:23
prologicsweet :)09:26
prologicnow I'll move cruxlinux/base and cruxlinux/python there09:26
teK_I bet that there is either crappy or no permission management..09:26
prologicatm their Dockerfile sources and other files are hosted on -- I'm happy to move that to github or such09:27
prologiclet's see :)09:27
teK_I dont really care about the hosting, why move?09:27
prologicapparently I have insufficient privileges to create a new automated build in the crux org09:28
prologicis there some ui to fix that? :)09:28
teK_I could not find any ui09:28
teK_I had to enter thegroup name lowercase so that they can automatically convert the first letter to uppercase09:29
prologicI guess there's limited permissions management atm?09:30
teK_there seems to be none at all09:31
teK_to see the crux repos I have to browse to my user repos and then switch view09:31
teK_that UI is crappy ashell09:31
teK_oh I see09:32
teK_I seem to be able to grant things on a repo basis. Only owners can create repos09:32
prologicthat worked09:32
teK_should work for you now, though09:32
prologicI guess you made me an owner for now09:32
prologicthat's fine09:32
prologicalso I guess you can remove crux/crux if you want09:33
prologicyou know there is just crux right? :)09:33
prologicas part of the standard library of iamges09:33
teK_going to code in VS2013.09:33
teK_feel free to remove the container09:33
prologicimage :)09:33
teK_that's what the link said09:34
prologicsweet :)09:35
frinnstjaeger: did you have dedupe issues with your storage at work, or what was it?09:38
Romster"This image contains ONBUIDL triggers so you can use this as a base image on a stnadard "10:24
Romstermight wanna fix those prologic. i know i make typos too.10:25
teK_all hail to vim's iab feature;)10:27
Romstersweet though ic an nuke my chroots soon after i get used to docker10:28
Romsteri can*10:28
frinnstubuntu has some serious issues with NIH - not invented here10:54
teK__maybe_ just _maybe_ this is right: we hope to bring much of the awesome security and isolation of LXD to docker as well10:56
prologicwe could12:04
prologicRomster, thanks :)12:04
prologicI should enable spell checking in vim12:04
prologicbut for many things it makes vim light up like a christmas tree12:04
prologicso there are pros and cons :)12:04
teK_enable it depending on file extension?12:05
Romsterah i see12:05
teK_au BufNewFile,BufRead *tex set spell12:07
prologicyeah I could :)12:14
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prologicteK_, may I update contrib/fping?13:52
prologicI seem to have it in my personal repo too13:52
prologicI'd rather have one port :)13:52
teK_you can have it13:55
jaegerfrinnst: yes, dedup killed it, we've never turned it back on since then13:55
prologicteK_, ok13:55
teK_oh they managed to ship with configure et al13:58 looksfishy, though13:59
prologicyeah about time too13:59
prologicI didn't even look at the website14:00
prologicI just stole the build steps from Arch :)14:00
diversewho doesn't?14:00
prologicoh :)14:00
prologicwrong tld14:00
diversestealing things from arch makes it much easier ;)14:01
prologicsure does14:01
teK_diverse: Idont!114:01
prologicwhy go to all the effort when they seem to have a bord collective that does all the hard work :)14:01
prologicwe just steal the good bits :)14:02
prologicthe meat :)14:02
prologicI've gotta sit down and write a PKGBUILD -> Pkgfile conversion tool one of these days14:02
diversecorrect, we don't want to steal everything, now do we? -_-14:02
prologicsave the manual work :)14:02
frinnstheh, we had netapps dedupe *fill* our filer14:07
frinnstwent from ~1.3TB free to 0 during the night/early morning14:07
frinnstyeah no shit. Removed some old vms and other crap, reran it during the evening and it freed up ~1.2tb before it started to decrease again before we aborted it14:08
frinnstyou ran it on zfs, right?14:08
frinnstgood times14:08
jaegerIn our case the hardware wasn't able to keep up with the dedup tables when rolling over snapshot schedules14:09
jaeger128GB RAM and 16 cores :P14:09
jaegerwe have a stupid amount of data for a company this size, though14:09
jaegerup to ~160TB now14:10
frinnstwe dont use any snapshot and the volume is only 10tb14:10
frinnstheh yeah that might be a bit painful14:10
jaegerIt would probably be fine on your dataset, though I have no idea how netapp does their stuff14:10
frinnstyeah its been running without issues on this hardware for about ~500 days. until yesterday14:11
frinnstim glad vmware handles full datastores a lot nicer these days. we had only two vm's pause. nobody noticed anything14:13
frinnstand looove nfs. if we had run iscsi things undoubtedly whould have been a lot worse14:13
frinnstwould* adf14:13
jaegerNFS is great for VMware, yeah. No need to mess with a lot of the BS that comes with iscsi or FC14:15
jaegerprologic: just uploaded a 3.1 ISO14:19
prologicoh wow14:22
prologicmy build is still at stage 014:22
prologicyou must have a faster machine? :)14:22
jaeger4-CPU VM with 2GB RAM running -j514:23
jaeger3.2GHz CPU14:23
prologicoh drats14:23
prologicI didn't issue a -j optino to make14:23
prologicbugger :)14:23
prologicanyway thank you for the update14:24
prologicI'll push an update of the 3.1 image to the docker hub soon14:24
jaeger-j5 is the default in the iso tree14:24
prologicokay then I have no idea why it's taking so long :)14:25
prologic10hrs and counting14:25
jaegercheck the log file, see what it's currently on14:25
jaegerfirefox, perhaps? :)14:25
prologicwhere's the log file?14:25
prologicI'll docker exec into the container :)14:25
prologicgod bless docker exec :)14:25
jaegerlog.stageX in the iso folder14:25
prologicoh ffs14:26
diverseprologic: if by 'god' you mean 'Linus' then I'll accept that ;)14:26
jaegerso it's been doing nothing for quite a while :D14:27
jaegerIn order to build the ISO successfully you need to ahve all the deps installed for every package that goes into it14:27
prologicI'd say so :)14:27
prologicdon't I already by running ...14:27
prologicoh wait14:27
prologicdo I need all of opt installed as well?14:27
jaegerno, thankfully14:28
jaegercheck packages.opt, setup.dependencies14:28
prologicahh ok14:28
jaegerpackages.xorg as well14:29
prologicthe Makefile doesn't do this automatically I take it?14:29
prologicI assume something like prt-get depinst $(cat iso/setup.dependencies) should do the trick?14:32
jaegeryou might want to actually look at that file first14:33
jaegerpackages.opt and packages.xorg are a simple format but that one's slightly more complicated14:34
prologiclooks like it's auto generated14:34
jaegerThere's a makefile target for it14:34
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frinnst prologic i seem to encounter a footprint issue with fping20:31
frinnston two machines:20:31
frinnst=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:20:31
frinnstMISSING   -r-sr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/fping20:31
frinnstMISSING   -r-sr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/fping620:31
frinnstNEW       -r-xr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/fping20:31
frinnstNEW       -r-xr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/fping620:31
diverseso basically prologic forgot to suid the binaries?20:55
diverseor update the footprint20:56
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prologicon in fact I've run into this21:39
prologicI cannot reproduce this locally on my desktop21:39
prologicbut inside a docker container build or runtime I ge tthis21:39
prologicwhere/how are you seeing this frinnst ?21:39
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frinnston two physical machines23:04
frinnstdo you have any wierd umask set, or do you use fakeroot?23:04
frinnstmy builds were run as root23:05
prologicI use fakeroot23:06
prologicis that an issue?23:06
frinnsttest without23:07
prologicI'll look into it again when I get back home23:07
frinnsti've seen wierd footprint results before with fakeroot23:07

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