IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-11-07

prologicbtrfs-progs failed build:
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frinnstoh fuck, i forgot to pkgadd it08:30
frinnstgit add it08:30
frinnstgit commit -a doesnt do that08:30
frinnststupid stupid. And i wont be home for another 7 hrs08:31
prologicfrinnst, nps :)08:38
prologicit can wait :)08:38
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Romsterfrinnst, haha nice one <<08:44
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frinnstThe following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files:16:19
jaegerheh. oops18:16
prologicthis is what Iv'e got so far23:37
prologicI haven't been able to fully test it all the way through yet23:38
prologicI ran out of disk space for some reason :)23:38
prologichopefully I'm not missing any important steps?23:38
jaegerdownloading the documentation is one23:40
jaegersince it comes from the wiki, not the Makefile23:40
prologichow is that done?23:44
jaegerget_wiki_* scripts in doc/handbook23:44
prologicbefore the whole build process I assume23:44
jaegerbefore make iso23:44
jaegerthe make all step is superfluous, also23:45
prologicbash-4.3# ls -1 doc/handbook/23:45
jaegergrub2 and grub2-efi need to be installed in the host for the EFI boot image on the ISO23:46
jaegerThe EFI stuff isn't documented, it's been a work in progress by me for a long time now23:48
prologicsome manual fiddling?23:48
prologicultimately I want to completely automate all of it :)23:48
prologicif if it takes a bit of fiddling to get it right :)23:48
jaegerShouldn't need anything manual now, I just mean that there's nowhere that it makes clear that grub2-efi needs to be installed23:48
jaegerthat sort of thing23:48
jaegerit'll just fail when it gets to that point23:49
prologicanything else I'm missing before I try again :)23:49
jaegerThat's stuff I plan to add to the Makefile at some point23:49
jaegerinstall elinks for get_wiki_* to work. also, s/grhub2/grub2/23:49
prologicalso to be clear; not trying to replace you or the Makefile per se -- just make the iso building as easy as: docker run -i -t crux/iso23:50
prologichours later docker cp <cid>:/path/to/iso .23:50
jaegerDoesn't bother me, might be useful for some people23:50
prologicand maybe you :)23:50
jaegerI don't use docker23:51
prologicnot yet :)23:51
prologicgive it time :)23:51
jaegerIt's a very cool concept but I haven't had a need for it yet since I've already got all my stuff virtualized23:51

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