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jaegerIf those patches aren't too big they could just be checked into git04:17
jaegerre: openssl-32 chat in #crux04:18
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Romsteryeah there small jaeger04:31
Romsteri just thought keeping the reference where they came from.04:31
Romsterand fixed for the record.04:32
jaegerwould be fine if the site weren't down, heh04:32
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Romsterhopefully a temp issue.04:40
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teK_I think we should talk to sepen18:06
frinnstyeah this is a bit silly18:18
teK_it's been bugging me for months18:18
frinnst <- just gave you this one18:18
teK_looking at it right now18:18
teK_think we should do it18:19
teK_gotta finish this scene from indiana jones and the fate of atlantis18:21
frinnstooh, epic game18:21
teK_visitng Dr. Heimdall in Iceland18:22
frinnsthah, just started?18:22
teK_i.e. he's not frozen yet :>18:22
frinnstever finished the game before?18:23
teK_only watched my older brother playing18:25
frinnstim probably a human walkthrough for it :)18:26
teK_stupid old man at the azores18:28
jaegerI played it many years ago, love that game18:32
tilmanhuh, don't remember a frozen doctor at all18:47
jaegerhuman walkthrough indeed :D18:51
tilmanfrinnst said that, not me ;p18:52
jaegerah, you're right, I misread my buffer. Sorry18:54
jaegerpay no attention to the idiot in the corner18:54
Romstersepen is apparantly too busy to do anything with crux, to busy witht he baby... doesn't his wife do anything at all? does the baby never sleep?19:01
Romsterperhaps he'll be in more after the baby is a tolder at kindergarden19:02
Romsterhere is one libunique is the later version that needs gtk3 now soem ports in xfce4 complain that libunique 2 is missing19:04
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Romstersad state19:04
tilmanfwiw i always was bad at solving adventure game puzzles19:07
tilmancouldn't play through anything without help/walthroughs19:07
teK_I wanted the lost dialouge of plato and all I got was this peace of coal and a dirty rag19:08
teK_that accent of Dr. Ubermann19:34
teK_darned Germans!19:34
frinnstoh please, its spot on and you know it19:37
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prologicjaeger, I still get aksed what mailer to use22:46
prologicjaeger, I'm not understanding something clearly :/22:47
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jaegerdo you HAVE a mailer?22:59
jaegeris exim installed? postfix?22:59
jaegeror anything at /usr/sbin/sendmail? I'm guessing that's what it checks22:59
prologicon the host side?22:59
jaegerthat's where the error is, yes?23:00
prologicof course23:00
prologichow stupid of me :)23:00
jaegerYou pretty much have to have the ISO installed to build an ISO23:01
prologictbh I'm not sure why the build proces needs a mailer :)23:16
jaegermail the upstream and ask them, I guess23:17
frinnstand to do that, you need a "mailer" :)23:35
prologicit's nothing to do with us :)23:41
prologicvery funny23:42
jaegerIt was from the perl build, wasn't it?23:42
jaegerI don't remember but you pasted the log, check there23:42
prologicnot sure :)23:43
jaegeranyway, the ISO build doesn't require a mailer, it's one of the packages that does23:43
jaegerprobably perl23:44
jaegerand it's upstream23:44
NomiusHey guys23:56
Nomiusllvm was updated on september to 3.5.023:56
NomiusWe are still in 3.4.223:57

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