IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-11-09

teK_Nomius: maybe we held that back for the 3.1 release00:03
teK_gotta check the logs and test a new build00:04
teK_thanks for the hint00:04
teK_build was ok, will test during the next days.00:20
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prologicjaeger, apparently the build failed at xorg03:40
prologicmissing xorg-libxcb by the looks03:40
prologicis there an easier way of getting required host deps installed?03:40
jaegerprt-get depinst $(cat packages.xorg)03:49
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prologictechnically speaking03:53
prologicshouldn't I also do the same for packages.opt03:53
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mechaniputer.window 404:49
mechaniputeroops, ignore that.04:50
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Romsteri thought i fixed all the xorg dependencies07:24
Romsterprologic, can you show me a reproducible build failure of that07:27
prologicbecause it's fixed :)08:17
prologicI'm rebuilding08:17
prologicI haven't published the crux/iso image yet08:17
prologicwhen it finally succeeds in building the iso I'll push it up to the docker hub08:17
prologic=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.08:18
prologicprt-get: error while install08:18
prologic-- Packages where install failed08:18
prologicllvm is broken :/08:18
prologicsource url?08:19
Romster why is it not showing on that08:27
Romsterwhole host is down.08:29
prologicthat doesn't help me08:41
prologicsomeone has to push the fix up to opt08:41
Romsterthe host is down it'll be fine again after it's fixed set up a local mirror and shove them files there for now.08:49
Romsterpkgmk has got a mirror option.08:49
Romsterprologic, or use this as a mirror to pkgmk.conf
prologicyeah I don't think you're quite getting this :)09:20
prologicI'm building a Dockerfile that will result in a Docker Image called crux/iso for the express purpose of consistently building CRUX ISO(s) :)09:20
prologicfiddling/tweaking with pkgmk or various ports breaks the reproduceability :)09:21
prologicI'll try rebuilding tomorrow09:21
Romsternot if it's consistent with with a sed to pkgmk for the mirrors09:21
Romsterand the mirror is kept up to date09:21
Romsterand yes i realise what your doing09:21
prologicanyway :)09:22
prologicthere are obviously ways to "hand" fix it09:22
Romsterrelying on project sites is not reliable. why do you think mirrors exist09:23
prologicyes I realize that :)09:25
prologicbut you can't go changing the image every time a port breaks ;)09:26
prologicour ports are our "source of truth"09:26
prologicso it needs to be fixed there09:26
Romsteryou don't you host a mirror collection for them09:31
Romstermine will be automated when i get that far.09:31
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jaeger <-- I love this guy's game videos22:05
jaegermostly because of his yelling and reactions22:05

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