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Romsterprologic, well you probably aware came back up ages ago.07:13
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frinnstOverview of Changes in GTK+ 3.14.4 to 3.14.507:44
frinnst737891 mounting LUKS partition from nautilus takes very long07:44
frinnstnot sure if its funny or sad07:44
prologicRomster, thanks for letting me know08:00
prologicI'll try rebuilding tonight08:00
Romsterfrinnst, what the08:08
frinnstI hope its a typo :)09:21
frinnstxorg-server 1.16.2 was released yesterday. Anybody able to test & push? I use a rc10:02
Romsterfrinnst, i can do that after gstreamer i'm working on now.10:12
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teK_have you seen
Romsterhmm not a bad idea if it has a ABI mismatch10:25
Romsteri was thinking of just adding a README about rebuilding those modules on ABI mismatch10:26
Romsterwhile your active teK_ you got a moment for portdb editing?10:30
frinnstthat wont help if you run "prt-get sysup" on a fresh install10:31
RomsterteK_, can you change 's/' and my email address 's/monster dot romster at gmail dot com/crux at romster dot me/g' on my httpup files on all related repos that it matches.10:33
Romsteri'm going to let expire so it'll break eventually.10:33
Romsterfrinnst, teK_ nah i'll add in the xorg-server README to recompile input video drivers.10:34
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frinnstyou dont need to do that when upgrading xorg-server in the same branch10:41
frinnstonly between branches10:42
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teK_Romster: sure, can do, again :p10:47
Romsteri know i've been changing a few times.10:47
teK_someobdy mind answering the ML thread?10:48
Romsterwhen i load it back up..10:48
Romsterhave to commit xorg-server yet10:48
Romsterafter i add a README10:49
teK_frinnst: why wont it help in that cenario I think prt-get should place xorg-server last for (re)builds10:49
juefrinnst: running the rc as well, no problems10:49
jueRomster: a recompile isn't always necessary10:50
teK_even better, so change revision it need be10:50
teK_or what am I missing10:51
Romsterwhen is it necessary?10:51
teK_Romster: check  in some minutes10:51
frinnstWe have upgraded most drivers since we upgraded xorg-server yet new installs encounters this10:52
Romsterfrom 7.3.x to 7.4.x and not between minor 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 ?10:52
jueas frinnst said, only between different branches10:52
jueyep, exactly10:52
Romsterthanks teK_ all good. i shoulnd't have any more changes in awhile now.11:17
Romsterpat of the reason of all these new lays was to keep it consistent.11:17
Romsterand it took awhile to find a domain... much like your nick.11:18
Romstergo talk to a staff member and register tek already11:18
Romsterpart of the reason of all these new ways was to keep it consistent.11:22
Romstergawd i can come up with some really weird typos.11:23
frinnst <- silly :)12:58
frinnstall for pidgin12:58
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jaegermost of that is probably ffmpeg14:20
jaegerthere's an alternative one in my repo if you're interested14:21
Romster--ignore=farstream but then no sound/voice14:22
Romsteri can't please everyone -_-14:28
jaegernobody expects that, I imagine14:28
jaegeroriginally I built my own to use gnutls instead of nss but I also don't use all its possible features, like farstream, so I kept it around14:29
Romsterconsidering pidgin has voice/video and i got sick of not hearing sounds when i got a message when i wasn't at my pc but not far from my pc. and the spelling stuff. i added those. but if its a bother i can make the sound stuff optional in the port.14:29
jaegerHas anyone complained to you about it before now?14:30
jaegerIf not, I'd say don't worry about it14:30
Romsternope, so not a big deal really.14:30
jaegerteK_: I've considered in the past setting up some kind of centralized news thing on - when you run ports -u it would check soime predetermined URL on the server and show you important news items such as ABI breaks or big security issues14:32
Romsterfrinnst, the silly part is not having expected functionally for a program designed for video voice typing conferencing.14:32
Romsteri'd expect gnome would be worse on deps.14:32
Romstermajority of this stuff if not all of it gets used on other ports as well.14:33
Romsterfor sound/video.14:33
Romsterjaeger, wouldn't that be like being on the mailing list?14:39
Romsterexcept not14:39
Romsterinteresting idea though.14:39
Romsterbut arn't README files for that sort of thing?14:40
Romsterperhaps we need a changelog file for important changes.14:40
Romsterbut then using the site is more complexity.14:41
Romsteror a NEWS file that prt-get spits out to the terminal before a port is installed or after or something.14:42
Romsteri'm not sure.14:42
Romsterwhy not a FAQ of them changes and just point them there.14:43
Romsterwhy do i get ABI mismatch after upgrading xorg-server and the solution to fix it.14:44
jaegerIt would supplement the ML14:44
Romsterthen we all can just go read the FAQ :P14:44
jaegerNot a replacement for the ML or READMEs, just a rather convenient place to see that sort of stuff14:44
jaegersorta like gentoo's news or freebsd's UPDATING14:44
Romsternot sure how it would be implemented. can't we jsut have post-install hooks to rebuild input/video drivers...14:46
jaegerIt was idle speculation, nothing's built14:46
Romsterthan to just use that for file regeneration but then it's not on every rebuild only major branch change.14:47
Romsterjaeger, yeah i get that i'm just going over thoughts if it be good or what14:47
diversejaeger: arch also their "Latest News" on their frontpage14:47
diverse*also has14:47
Romstercrux's site is so static though other than a wiki.... actually a RSS feed of updates would be an idea.14:48
Romstercron job could scrape it and show them that this update has additional steps to be performed.14:49
jaegerI've also got some notes about building a CDN with some VPSes, nginx, bind+geoip, and varnish14:49
jaegerhaven't had time to work on any of that stuff, though, or teK_'s pkgutils stuff14:49
Romsterthen any user can use their favorite news scrapper14:49
Romsteri'm keen on a CDN14:50
Romsterbut i haven't looked into that yet.14:50
Romsterif your just distributing distfiles mirrorbrains meta4 or use mirrorbrains to pick the mirror for you14:52
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teK_jaeger: sounds helpful16:18
teK_the thing is, it will require ports to have some persistant storage to mark (un)read thingies16:19
teK_in the past,  we had the  ML for this16:20
jaegeryes, it would require something small. I will work on the details when I have time16:27
teK_should be a < 5 liner in ports(1)16:32
teK_its (8).16:32
teK_or maybe two lines more because of a check if the user wants that thingy  at all16:33
teK_also:  we need to ask if maintainers are willing to use this at all16:34
teK_there needs to be a well defined 'interface' for pushing news to crux.nu16:34
jaegerit could be as simple as the [notify] tag16:37
teK_I like that approach16:38
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