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Romsteractually wish [notify] worked on all the major repos core opt contrib xorg compat-32, afaik it isn't available for contrib01:47
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teK_no but we could change taht easily07:41
prologicwhat were we talking about?08:36
prologicjust reading some of the backlog08:39
prologictbh I'm not sure why we just don't move much of crux's infrastructure to github; repos, issues. keep the wiki -- but this would give us a lot of things we don't have :)08:40
prologiclike integrated releases and release notes, news, improved community involvement, etc08:40
prologicspeaking of more advantageous things08:43
prologicI believe moving to Github would also give our users the ability to "edit" Pkgfile(s) directly on any repo (including core/opt/xorg/etc) updating versions, urls, etc08:44
prologicwhich if they don't have write access to (which they won't unless they're core/contrib member) will automatically submit a PR for the change08:44
prologicwe could even setup Travis-CI to automatically test builds of each PR08:45
frinnstbah, github is for ruby-web-monkeys :)09:33
juefrinnst: +109:46
prologicfrinnst, shh :)09:48
jueat least our gitweb is much neater than the github surface09:49
jueIMO :)09:49
juebtw, I'm planning an prt-utils update with some fixes for prtverify, anything else to add/change/fix ?09:51
frinnstnothing that comes to mind at the moment09:54
frinnstportspage could probably use some love. I see you run a custom script for your personal ports jue?09:56
juefrinnst: yeah, indeed, I should change that to portspage because it's very old and crappy ;)10:04
Romsteri still hadn't reported that bug on findredudnentdeps10:09
Romsterif there is say qt4 qt4 foo bar in a depend n: line it'll have unexpected results10:10
frinnstscary shit :)10:10
Romsterfrinnst, hope you snap shot it first10:11
Romsteromg broken revert revert.10:11
frinnsthehe yeah.10:11
RomsterThe footprint is not uptodate.10:12
Romsterreally -_-10:12
Romsteri like bug reports but i better talk to him and submit more details in future.10:16
Romstertell him to submit*10:16
jueRomster: hmm, not sure if I understand the problem; to test I've added 'eudev kmod' to pciutils and got the correct answer?10:22
Romsterits been a little while since i foudn it but look at the output of findredudentdeps -s on a port then add in a duplicate dependency into the depends on line and rerun.10:25
Romsterhmm let if ic an reproduce it again10:25
jueah, now I see the problem with the -s option10:26
Romster# Depends on:  eudev kmod10:27
Romsternow if i add10:27
Romster# Depends on:  eudev kmod eudev10:27
Romsterfindredundantdeps -s pciutils10:27
RomsterRedundant deps for pciutils are: eudev kmod10:27
RomsterRight is: # Depends on:10:27
Romsteryeah with -s10:27
Romsteri hadn't actually looked into where the issue is.10:27
Romsterwhat i do is finddeps foo then paste that into depends on line and run findredundantdeps -s10:28
Romsterretest in a clean environment10:28
Romstersome cases i omit other optional libs too.10:29
Romsterjue, i vaugely remember some lib32 path missing in another tool but i can't remember which now. todo with us moving to multilib10:37
Romsterhave to see fi i can find it or it's been fixed already10:37
Romsterif i*10:37
Romsterprobably got fixed. i'll have a play around see if i can find anything else.10:40
Romsterbut not tonight.10:40
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frinnst[oss-security] CVE-request: systemd-resolved DNS cache poisoning13:22
frinnstsee, this is what happens when you build complex crap for no reason13:22
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