IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-11-14

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Romsterdon't blame the tools blame the programmers.01:42
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frinnstprt-get: updating wireshark from 1.12.1-1 to 1.12.1-211:59
frinnstchmod: cannot access '/usr/sbin/dumpcap': No such file or directory11:59
frinnstit seems to be in /usr/bin/dumpcap12:01
frinnstalso does setcap require some kernel settings perhaps?12:02
frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:/usr/ports/opt/wireshark$ sudo ./post-install12:02
frinnstFailed to set capabilities on file `/usr/bin/dumpcap' (Invalid argument)12:02
frinnstusage: setcap [-q] [-v] (-r|-|<caps>) <filename> [ ... (-r|-|<capsN>) <filenameN> ]12:02
frinnstNote <filename> must be a regular (non-symlink) file.12:02
frinnstyeah you need to enable CONFIG_EXT4_FS_SECURITY12:08
frinnstfor example12:08
teK_will be looking into it tonight.13:11
teK_easiest fix for everzthing is to leave it as it is at present and just ignore the negative consequences13:12
frinnstjust fix the path for dumpcap and perhaps add a readme that points out the kernel requirements13:53
frinnstbtw, what would be gained by adding a ssl cert on https might be useful for bug login, but other than that?14:20
teK_the wiki also uses user+password...14:27
frinnstah, right14:27
teK_also: the configuration impact is minimal and if cert costs equal zero we should do it14:27
teK_it does not hurt14:27
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teK_Prject Lead, n: person to compile, print and distribute excel sheets, telling people to get their lazy bums up and finish tasks with target dates long in the past14:28
frinnstmy boss is on the phone while i browse reddit14:30
frinnstit's as it should be!14:30
teK_no video call, obviouslz14:31
teK_you ain't THAT bad ass, ain't ya14:31
frinnsthah, what a german typo. y goes between t and u!14:31
teK_sending those sheets to german natives so the other windows has the german mapping, yes14:32
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frinnstyay firefox 33.1.1 and no available changelog20:48
frinnstits probably some windows fix again20:48
teK_that beast failed three times to buildf in RAM because it needs somewhere between six and eight Gb of space21:18
leo-unglaubmozilla is having problems currently22:40
leo-unglaubthe latest 34.0b9 is also not building22:40
frinnstworks for me22:52
frinnst=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/firefox#34.0b9-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.22:52
leo-unglaubhmm, strange22:58
leo-unglaubfrinnst: have you tryed to build Firefox 35a1?23:12
frinnstno i just use the betas23:12
leo-unglaubnormally i would to, but the 35 series has an awesome new feature in the developer tools23:13
leo-unglauband since i have to do fuckng web development in my company that would be awesome to do23:14
frinnstim so sorry23:14
frinnst(for you having to do web devel work) :D23:14
leo-unglaubhehe, thanks ...23:15
leo-unglaubit is really a sad moment in your life when you realize that you do 50% of your coding in PHP *h*23:15
frinnstim having to build a backend for a magento site23:15
frinnstthe code is insanely slow and im expected to fix it on the backend..23:16
leo-unglaubmagento is after wordpress one of the worst written peaces of PHP23:16
frinnstwhen php and mysql uses 100% of one core when *ONE* user clicks on a link "its my fault"23:16
frinnstand im expected to fix it with magic23:16
leo-unglaubi could tell you why it's so slow23:17
frinnstoh really? then im all ears23:17
leo-unglaubmagento uses very long methods and is very bad encapsulated. that way the PHP internal optcache cannot work at all. Basicly every Magento call you do is totally uncached23:18
leo-unglaubbut there are a few things you can do23:18
leo-unglaubA: disable the compilation into one huge single file, it's not helpfull at all23:18
leo-unglaubB: patch the DB class to use a persistant DB connection <- that one really helps23:19
leo-unglaubC: enable the mysql_slow_query log and update some indexes on the product tables23:20
leo-unglaubbecause they are very badly written23:20
leo-unglaubD: update the logging table in magento to engine=memory23:20
leo-unglaubbecause that one is exploding on a busy server23:20
leo-unglaubE: if you have APCu available, configute that one as a cache driver23:21
leo-unglaubso you have much less IO23:21
leo-unglaubthe last one is 2 years old, no idea of thats still current23:21
leo-unglaubthats all the points from the top of my head, it's 2 years ago that i had to do it23:21
frinnstexcellent. btw this is not supposed to be my job at all, im just supposed to set up the servers. But alas, the web folks are incompetent so it falls to me to "fix everythign"23:22
leo-unglaub95% of all web developers are incopetent .. because it's so easy to get started quickly ...23:23
frinnsti was asked to set up phpmyadmin on the first day they began the project23:23
frinnstmy heart just sank23:23
leo-unglaubNEVER USE PHPMYADMIN23:23
frinnsthaha no shit23:23
leo-unglaubif you need a web gui ... use
leo-unglaubbut normally i don't reccommend web guis at all23:24
leo-unglaubchive is nice, because it does not have an extra user db ...23:24
leo-unglaubit directly passes the authentication thru to the db server23:24
frinnstIm gonna let the web monkeys do their thing with phpmyadmin and when it's all done that fucker is gone23:24
leo-unglaubwen monkeys ... hahaha23:27
leo-unglaubfrinnst: if you are bored ... could you please try to build this version here?
leo-unglaubso i can check if its me or an firefox bug23:38
frinnstbah /tmp/mozilla-aurora-187e9fa68b67/ *** Could not find autoconf 2.13.  Stop.23:50
frinnstits a bit late for me and i have to work tomorrow. I'll give it another spin tomorrow23:50
leo-unglaubk, thx23:50

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