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Romsterjsut setup cpanel let them deal with the site how they want.00:17
Romsterif they can't drive that then they need to hire a web dev who can00:21
Romsteri also question if php is worth while using anymore.00:21
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Romsterseems symlinks hate that many make jobs -j26 on vim03:40
Romsterconcerning that gettext is ok with multiple make jobs but not with distcc.03:59
Romsterso gettext is fine from a crux sane person prospective.04:00
Romstervim needs some love though, probably make -j1 install will fix that.04:00
Romsterone to pass a bug report onto distcc bug tracker i guess.04:00
Romsteryeah make -j1 install on the two lines vim solves that symlink issue. and gettext is fiwn with -j26 but it does not like distcc, all my hosts are in sync.04:05
Romsterthat'll be one for me to look into later.04:05
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Romsterjaeger, for what it's worth i did a sysup from the official iso no issues. so not sure what went wrong when you bootstrapped.04:52
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Romstergod damn this segmenatiaton fault now i'm not so sure it's the iso09:47
Romsteri never had this many problems09:47
diverseteK_: unfortunately, the ca-certificates didn't work out for me10:52
diversebut other people were able to pull the project from github10:52
prologic^^^ firefox is failing to build here10:58
diversehmm, firefox 3.1 didn't fail for me, strange11:02
diverseprologic: it looks like it's acting like python is not installed on your system, but you being a python guy, that would be absurd11:03
prologicif that's the case then firefox isn't listing Python as a dependency11:04
prologicbut since when did firefox need Python? :)11:04
diverseMozilla uses python to build their projects I guess. They use python to build Rust11:05
prologicI think the hint is in the exceptinos11:05
prologicCould not detect environment shell11:05
prologicI'll try explicitly setting the SHELL env var11:06
diverseright, but what is "environment shell"? The python REPL?11:06
prologicno I suspect it's looking for SHELL11:07
prologicin the environment11:07
prologicand not able to find it11:07
prologicsince I'm building ISO(s) in a Docker environment11:07
prologicmany typical env vars are missing unless explicitly set11:08
Romsterthis is getting otu of hand.... new chroot i jsut setup now segmentation root...11:08
Romsteris my chroot program screwed or my kernel or what sigh11:08
Romstermy system is fine, it's the chroots that are not.11:08
Romstermew chroot no distcc no ccache segmentation fault11:09
diverserebuild chroot?11:09
diverseoh that's what you did11:10
diverseRomster: since I know you are big on sandboxing, have looked at using lxc?11:11
Romsteri made another new one... just realized i used the unofficial updated iso.11:12
Romsteri got docker setup i have not figured the storage of it yet i bet ti's going onto my SSD it will get full fast.11:12
Romsterplus i am unfamler with it yet11:12
diversewell I mean plain lxc, not docker11:13
Romsterand my chroots have not given me any problems but i do plan to migrate.11:13
Romstereh i haven't tried plain lxc either11:13
Romsterok updated iso is clearly hosed... now i'm sysuping. no distcc yet. need to test a port that seems to break for some reason.11:15
Romsterguess i'll do it the slow way.11:15
diversehmm, the updated iso I used which was built on Oct 19 worked for me11:15
Romsterwhat would be cool is if lxc could use my other boxes as if the container had 20 cores.11:15
Romster that one as of now isn't11:16
Romsteryou probably got a older one diverse11:16
diversewell lxc primarily functions off of cgroups, so if cgroups can handle other machines in the network, then likely possible11:16
Romstercan you test that one?11:16
diverseI used it to recently build my new installation, so it works, but unforunately I don't have the file anymore11:17
Romstercgroups is for limiting access in groups i doubt it has any idea of other hosts.11:17
Romsterto shre memory like memcached and distcc or ice cream for other cores.11:17
Romsterhow old was it... damn i'm certain this one on the 5th is hosed.11:18
Romster2 chroots one brand new no go.11:18
diverseI remember the upload date was on Oct 19, I even wrote it on my CD11:18
Romsterguess i could try it in virtualbox next.11:18
Romsteror spin up a docker image and sysup and do stuff that way... but i need to figure out the docker storage.11:19
Romsteralready googled but no such luck how docker uses devicemapper to actually create LVs11:19
Romsterafaik it's using some /var/ path on my SSD11:20
Romsteri see nothing with lvs todo with docker and it needs root anyways todo that and i'm in a docker group and not running docker as root11:20
Romsteri need todo more research but i'm too mentally drained and can't find what i need. so i'm sticking with what i know for now.11:21
diverseI wonder, if when you move out with your gf, will you work at a job that's less draining?11:23
Romsteri'm doing my work the downside is i have no mental ability to do much else.11:25
Romsterwhich includes understanding rust11:27
diverseyou're work will be the same even if you move out?11:29
Romsteri'm in australia i'm saving up i'm moving to usa if all goes to plan11:30
Romsterwhere she is.11:30
Romsterso i'll have different work. if all the paperwork works out.11:31
diverseteK_: I'm getting some MISSING mismatches from building gimp:
Romsteri'm done compiling for tonight... will step back and relax too uptight to continue11:37
Romsterits also happenign in a cleen chroot from offical 3.1 as well11:37
Romstergoing to bed, i'll figure this out later.12:00
prologicdiverse, I think that did it13:09
prologicit's been building for the last few hours now13:09
prologicand it seems to have gotten past the last failure13:10
prologicmaybe I'll have an updated ISO out of this :)13:10
diverseah, then yeah, set the shell envs13:10
diversesome builds do rely on env vars13:12
prologicseems SHELL is kind of important :)13:12
prologicbut since containers dont' really have a shell as such13:12
prologicit's not set :)13:12
prologichopefully that's the only issue left13:12
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teK_arch's packman may encounter timeouts with some repos.. proposed configuration solution:18:36
teK_Server =$arch18:37
teK_Server =$arch18:37
teK_Server =$arch18:37
teK_Server =$arch18:37
teK_Server =$arch18:37
teK_so it will retry five times18:37
teK_Server =$arch18:37
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diverseoi teK__, did you look at the paste?19:10
teK__no I was busy with $life19:14
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