IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-11-18

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jaegerRomster: I just did another install with the updated ISO, still no problems with make20:08
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Romsterjaeger, yeah something with my chroots even othe offical one does it after update, and i'm not even using ccache21:54
Romsterjust not gonna use chroots anymore got docker now.21:55
jaegerhow odd21:56
jaegerany chance it's a broken /dev/pts mount or some other mount option?21:57
Romsteri havne't touched fstab in a long time but i'll reboot and retest to see if its that or it might be my recent kernel doing it.22:02
Romsteroff to to work now though22:02
Worksteryeah so dunno, my long lived chroot never gave me that much grief, then i did a clean chroot ended up with it. not looked at /dev/pts22:37
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jaegerthe /dev/pts mount options had to change with 3.123:05

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