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Romsteri've been on 3.1 for ages now this is just recent.02:00
Romsterdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620   0      002:00
Romsterseems it might of been after a kernel update perhaps.02:00
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Romsterjaeger, updated my kernel from 3.17.2 -> 3.17.3 so far chroots working but i'm still gonna move it to docker. but be nice to know if this is resolved. more compiling i'll know for sure.08:55
teK_so it looks like Debian did the only sensible thing and will not pin point on systemd :}09:50
frinnstyay for choice10:43
teK_that's not yet decided10:58
teK_it would be best to have no package really depend on the init system (what a stupid idea anyway)10:59
teK_but they cannot say that because gnome already does that10:59
teK_(fuck gnome for this, btw)10:59
frinnstwell they are both redhat projects more or less11:08
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prologicSo thy’re not adopting systemd anymore?12:55
prologicOr not forcing it on everyone?12:55
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jaegerRomster: looks like xscreensaver 5.31 is already replaced with 5.3214:42
jaegerI'm still hitting that libxml2-python-32 build error, too, I'll look into that more today15:10
jaeger is the build log. It seems that /usr/ports/work/libxml2-python-32/pkg/usr/lib32/python2.7/site-packages/libxml2mod.a actually ends up in 'lib' instead of 'lib32'16:59
jaegerI'll try it in a clean build env, see if it happens there16:59
jaegerok, same behavior in the clean env17:13
jaegerthe libdir configure option is preserved but the the Makefile in the python subdir I see this: PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES = /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages17:18
juejaeger: got my new STi yesterday, very nice, no complaints so far :)17:20
jaegerjue: awesome :D which color/features did you get?17:21
jueit's a black sedan, with everything but without the rear spoiler17:23
jaegerooh, very nice. I didn't know you could buy the STi without the spoiler17:26
juewell, normaly not possible, I had to buy a new boot lid17:29
jaegerAh, I see. Worth it, though, in my opinion.17:29
juenow I have two, one with and one without the spoiler ;)17:29
jaegerI'm not a fan of the giant spoiler, as you might guess17:29
jaegerGot a picture? :)17:29
juenot yet, will take some the next days17:30
jaegercool, no rush17:30
jaegerhere's an interesting bit of anecdata on the libxml2-python-32 thing17:35
jaegerIf talloc-32 (which is the only other port with /usr/lib32/python2.7/site-packages in its footprint) is installed, then libxml2-python-32 installs correctly17:36
jaegerso it seems there's a check being done for the existence of /usr/lib32/python2.7/site-packages17:36
jaegerI wonder if it would make sense to add an empty /usr/lib32/python2.7/site-packages dir to the python-32 port17:36
jaegerIt does fix the problem here in my test env, does anyone see a reaosn why this would be a bad idea?17:38
jueno, it's a good idea to fix the problem IMO17:52
jaegerSince there are only two ports that use this dir currently I assume we just have been lucky not to run into it yet :)17:53
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Romsterjaeger, i'm seeing that with libxml2-python-32 as well and am in the process of seeing why21:49
Romsterbut now afk to work21:49
jaegerI think I already found why if you read the backlog21:53
jaegeran easy fix, too, which I'll commit if nobody complains21:53
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Worksteri think python-32 also has an issue. i think i'll blame libtool bump for these. as they were working fine before.23:38
Worksteri've started using clean docker instances void of distcc/ccache just to see if they were the cause.23:38
jaegerI don't think libtool is the issue in this case as the python subdir's Makefile DOES have the correct libdir setting23:42
jaegerit just isn't propagated to PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES as well unless the dir exists23:43
jaegerperhaps it's determining that setting with a python call or something. like site.getsitepackages(), etc.23:43
jaegerI suppose it could still be libtool related, I don't know enough about libtool23:45
Worksterjust have to figure out a solution to it.23:54
Worksteri can do more after work, but i was poking at that last night as well.23:55

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