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jaegerAlready figured out the fix for it01:38
Worksterok commit it please. saves me spending more time on it.02:12
Workstercan you check on python-32 not sure if that has an issue or not yet02:13
Worksterjaeger, i'm curious how much of the compat-32 ports do you use?02:17
Worksterskype wine other ports?02:17
jaegernot very many directly. only what's required by wine and nvidia-3202:17
Workstersteam perhaps02:17
jaegersteam has most of its deps bundled02:17
Worksterthat still a few02:17
jaegerpython-32 is where the fix will go02:18
Worksteroh so thats whats causing it02:18
jaegerinstall -d $PKG/usr/lib32/python2.7/site-packages, more or less02:18
Workster-_- why didn't i figure that out02:18
jaegerIt wasn't very obvious, I had to dig for a bit02:19
Worksteri was looking in the wrong spot, but i was suspecting it was reading the wrong path form somewhere else02:23
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Romsterjaeger, did you get a chance to push your fix yet?08:55
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Romsterwe have a problem now this is a clean VM13:35
Romsterjaegers updated iso and a sysup after13:36
Romstereverything but xorg-server updated fine13:36
Romsteri selected xorg from the iso at install time but nothing from opt other than what it resolved as i needed13:36
Romsterand this is what i found13:37
Romsterpackage harfbuzz required by freetype2 not found, error building xorg-server13:37
Romsterok so i went to do prt-get depinst harfbuzz13:37
Romstercairo failes to build as it can't find harfbuzz, harfbuzz fails as it can't find cairo.13:38
Romstercircular dependency issue13:38
Romsteraditionally i see this for cairo
Romsterfinddeps on cairo and harfbuzz confirms they like to each other.13:42
jaegerDidn't push it last night, I will this morning13:50
Romsterhmm fontconfig has harfbuzz compiled in13:52
Romsterbut ti's not listed as a dependency13:53
Romsteri do grep -r harfbuzz /usr/ and i find fontconfig files match and yet finddeps says no such harfbuzz13:55
Romsteri'm confused.13:55
Romsterhow to reproduce fire up vbox install crux-3.1-updated.iso ; prt-get sysup14:01
Romsterafter ports -u14:01
Romsterok freeetype had a broken lib now it all works.14:09
Romsterhad to force rebuild freetype14:09
Romsterjaeger, freetype was liked to harfbuzz on your updated iso but then harfbuzz was not installed causing cairo to complain about missing harfbuzz.14:11
jaegerIt's that way on every ISO, then14:11
Romsterquite possibly.14:11
Romsterhow would we go about solving that one.14:12
jaegeradd harfbuzz to the required deps, probably14:12
Romsteryes ineed arch does this too.14:13
Romsterthat would solve it.14:13
Romstersepen port -_-14:13
jueRomster: but you are right, we have a circular dependency between harfbuzz and cairo ;)14:14
Romsteronly because freetype had a broken lib on missing harfbuzz14:15
juehmm, I see it here as well, with finddeps14:16
Romsterheck how does that work.... freetype can build with harfbuzz but it isn't a hard dependency, but to list it will make a circular dependency between cairo and harfbuzz.14:20
Romsteri think i'm too tried to solve this tonight.14:23
Romsterthe circular dependency between cairo and harfbuzz only occured due to freetype being built with harfbuzz on the iso14:24
Romster# adding harfbuzz for improved OpenType features auto-hinting14:25
Romster# introduces a cycle dep to harfbuzz depending on freetype wanted by upstream14:25
Romsteron arch14:25
Romsterits jsut better auto hinting...14:26
Romsterwhat a predicament.14:26
Romsterwell it's easy to build off the iso by rebuilding freetype but still upstream.14:31
Romsteran rebuild it after harfbuzz is installed.14:32
Romsterta jaeger i'm testing stuff now that depends on those 32bit ports.14:34
Romsteralso morning jue (I think it's your morning there)14:35
jaegerlibxml2-python-32 was the one that showed problems for me, this fixed it. I can't imagine it'll cause other problems but testing more won't hurt, certainly14:35
Romsterpretty sure it's ok but i'm gonna test just as a precaution14:36
Romsterand because i've gone VM and docker mad lately...14:36
Romsteralso thank you for finding that issue. i did notice it before you, I think. But didn't find the cause.14:38
Romsterthen i noticed after python-32 had a problem and i never connected the two.14:38
Romsteras being related.14:38
Romstergoes to show more eyes and brains the better14:39
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