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prologicteK_, mpd -- Does it now depend on boost?04:51
prologicIt seems so; but you don't list it as a dep04:51
prologicRomster, ffmpeg seems to be missing x as a dep04:52
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Worksterprologic, ffmpeg while it will link to xorg it's not required to build and transcode.05:24
Workstercan use ffmpeg headless as it is now.05:24
prologicsorry did I say X?05:30
Worksterprologic> Romster, ffmpeg seems to be missing x as a dep05:32
prologicahh my numlock wasn't on05:32
Worksteryou said x05:32
prologicI meant x26505:32
Worksterx265 (contrib)05:33
Worksterits a new dependency in contrib05:33
Worksterprt-get install x26505:33
Worksterffmpeg does link with libx11 too if it's on the system05:34
Worksterso i thought that when you said x. lol05:34
Worksteryou'll find x265 is on the depends on line in ffmpeg05:35
prologicis it fixed now?05:36
prologicoh wait05:36
prologicam I being silly ;005:36
prologicprt-get update does not install new deps05:36
prologicihmo it should I think05:36
Worksterthink that's been discussed a few times05:38
Worksterif somethign isn't working prt-get deptree ffmpeg look for empty [ ] boxes05:38
Worksterand mailinglist05:44
Workstergit commits05:44
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Romstercompat-32 all tests ok07:11
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frinnstCVE-2014-7817 <-   glibc issue09:47
frinnstCVE-2014-7817 glibc: command execution in wordexp() with WRDE_NOCMD specified09:47
Romsterglibc is always an issue11:38
frinnstaaw. its not *that* bad12:25
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teK_dear mother of god21:01
teK_roelof suggested systemd for CRUX?21:01
diverseoh, now I remember that name, it looked familiar21:05
teK_he blogs, too :>21:06
diversethat was that weirdo who acted all incompetent, but actually has a packaging background in several other distros21:07
diverseteK_: let me guess, about how he trolls people?21:08
diverseteK_: he was the one that showed up twice too, right?21:12
diverseor am I thinking of someone else?21:21
jaegerhe's not incompetent, he's a huge troll21:37
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