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Romstersepen, pong00:18
sepennah, thanks for moving upower to opt ;D00:25
Romsterah no problem, i was afraid there be a bunch of contrib dependencies but they were all in opt already.00:32
Romsteralso i couldn't reproduce the man page breakage.00:32
Romsteri used a clean docker container to build it in.00:32
Romsteri take pride in listing every required dependency to make it build.00:33
Romstersepen, did you build this in a clean container?00:45
Romsterdo you have docbook-xml or docbook-xsl even installed did you run the post-install scrips for each. if they are not installed go and see if you got /etc/xml/00:47
Romsterhaving /etc/xml/ there without the packages for docbook-* will make it fail.00:47
sepenI don't have any docbook-* installed, neither /etc/xml, there is not a big problem at all , but upower as is it will fail for a reasonable amount of people if docbook-xls is not installed00:58
sepenand yes, I built it in safe-crux from a freshen installation 3.1 (only core + sysup)00:58
Romsterweird because i built it just fine without docbook01:11
Romsteri can't reproduce this error01:11
Romstertry with -j101:11
Romstersee if it's a race on installing/building?01:12
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Romsternow i see the upower error...07:26
frinnst"what can go wrong"?10:28
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Romstereverything :D13:42
jueprologic: sorry, but I don't get the reason for the chown statement in each of your ports?14:05
prologicjue, oh :)14:06
prologicbad habit? :)14:06
prologicbeen doing it for so long14:06
jueyeah, indeed, guess I've asked you that in the past already but forgot your answer :)14:07
prologicI'll try to remember not to do that :)14:07
jueok :)14:07
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