IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-11-30

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RomsterDelivery to the following recipient has been delayed: sepen at crux dash arm dot nu01:47
Romsterso much for that....01:47
Romstersepen you need to fix your email.01:48
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jaegerhe and I exchanged a couple emails this week without trouble02:22
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Romsterwell i relplied to the upower email to move it to opt. and it never made it, but i talked to him in this channel anyways.03:22
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juefrinnst: FYI, version of libdevmapper build from lvm 2.02.144 sources is still 1.02.92, run /sbin/dmsetup --version and see WHATS_NEW_DM11:19
juefrinnst: but it's not a issue at all11:20
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frinnstjue ah yeah i feared that to be the case. Never extracted WHATS_NEW_DM from the tarball but i did read it on the site. I thought the mirror hadn't been updated completely or something15:15
frinnstso annoying that they remove tarballs upstream15:15
Romsterthey only do that if a critical bug is found15:33
Romsterbut i haven't been keeping watch or chatting as to what bug15:34
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teK_jue: do you have a MIRROR  set in pkgmk.conf? I seem to nbe unable to load the new mutt tarball from amazon because https/certs are bogus17:53
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frinnstI didnt notice anything19:04
frinnstand no mirrors for me19:05
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