IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-12-03

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teK_do you know how much hassle it would be to build the 3.1's gcc on 3.0?10:47
teK_by chance ;)10:47
frinnstdont think there were any issues to just replace gcc10:58
juefrinnst: same here, I'd say it's save to use 2.4.410:59
frinnstcan you push it now? or i can do it after work11:00
juesure, can do11:00
teK_frinnst: thx11:02
teK_frinnst: did you stop/cont your qemu-VMs for longer times before the lagging issues occured?11:42
frinnstnah, it happens immediately pretty much12:01
teK_have the same problem with GUI, mouse and keyboard on a Windows VM that was stopped for two days or so12:02
frinnsti pretty much only use that vm for work stuff12:02
frinnstso the problem is this: I fire up the vm, connect via gtk-spice, login, start the vpn, rdp to a management machine12:03
frinnstand i use a yubikey to connect that machine12:03
frinnstso that spews out a bunch of characters and it usually fails because chars are dropped12:04
teK_on which machine? the VM or later in the rdp machine?12:06
teK_did you check the first and the second network link?12:06
frinnston the guest itself12:09
frinnstI authenticate with the yubikey during rdp12:09
frinnstand that is all local12:09
frinnstso what I usually do is use the yubikey on the host to a txt-file and just copy paste it to the guest12:10
teK_$victim is screwed if the adversary can install local applications anyway12:48
Romsterah that is true12:49
frinnstheh its not very useful to you12:56
frinnsthere you go: rbngltefevljubdkrjehicbejeltrivrjedcgtgbbcutlhrirvdufjugjbetfbvg12:56
diversekeylogging is fun13:00
diverseand actually we have a friendly bot that does just that13:01
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