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frinnstRomster / Workster: tried to install it on my work machine too, same error08:34
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Romsteri don't even have version 1.77.1 in any docbook-08:55
Romsterfrinnst, ls /usr/share/xml/docbook/09:00
frinnstxml-dtd-4.1.2/  xml-dtd-4.2/  xml-dtd-4.3/  xml-dtd-4.4/  xml-dtd-4.5/  xsl-stylesheets  xsl-stylesheets-1.78.1/09:02
Romsterthats the same as me09:04
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/xmlto#0.0.25-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.09:07
Romsteri just did that now.09:07
Romster0.0.26 is out you can give that a try.09:10
diverseversion sorting is a success?09:11
Romsteryeah version sorting is working bit rough but it works09:12
Romsteri looked that up manually though for xmlto09:12
frinnstgod damned firealarm09:12
frinnstbetter put some headphones on to keep the noise down09:13
Romsteri read that as false alarm09:13
frinnstlets hope so09:14
frinnstoh wtf, i thought xmlto was in opt/contrib?09:16
frinnstName:         xmlto09:16
frinnstPath:         /usr/ports/fredrik09:16
frinnsti guess i've stolen it from you :)09:16
frinnstI had a couple of sed lines in that pkgfile - commented it out and all is well09:18
frinnstsorry for the noise09:18
Romsterdo you use this much?09:29
Romsteri could throw it in contrib09:29
Romsterfrinnst, i just fixed romster/xmlto09:40
Romster and i wont lose track of it provided i run generate and check the diff from time to time.09:41
frinnstxmlto is needed to build the manpages for btrfs amongst other tings :(09:44
Romstercan't go in core... well i guess contrib it is then. and that stuff just eneds to be premade and bundle the man pages in source=09:49
frinnstyeah thats what we usually do. but I had removed xmlto for some reason and needed to reinstall it late last night10:23
frinnstI'll package the manfiles and push the update after work unless someone beats me to it10:23
Romsteryour the btrfs official tester10:26
Romsteri'm quite happy with my mdadm -> lvm2 -> ext4 setup10:27
Romsterhad it before btrfs even existed.10:27
Romsternot about to change10:27
Romsterheck i didn't touch ext4 for a year or more.10:28
frinnstbtrfs is still quite feature-incomplete10:30
frinnstand there are some stability issues that pop up once in a while10:30
frinnstand the performance is so-so10:31
frinnstbut overall its quite lovely10:31
frinnstcompression, snapshots and volume management is the features im using most10:32
frinnstI have a cronjob to take snapshots and rotate them. 7 daily and 4 weekkly10:33
Romsterlike the idea of mounting a directory as it's own FS point.10:39
frinnstsend / recieve could be pretty useful too for backup purposes10:39
frinnstbut I use rsync at the moment, it needs to be rock solid before i start using it for backups10:40
frinnstI need to prepare my snapshots a bit better so I can have entries in grub for it. right now its pretty hard to figure out the subvolume name before mounting and inspecting the filesystem10:41
frinnstdaily-<date-time> etc is pretty tricky to guess10:42
Romsterhmm does btrfs have union mounting more than one hdd?10:43
frinnstyou have multi volume support, if thats what you mean10:51
frinnstsort of like lvm10:52
Romsteryeah i can span over multiple disks but i don't like doing that.11:08
Romsterso i have made many more /manageable/ logical volumes11:09
Romsterthere not so managable when i find i need more room in one and less in another.11:09
Romsterfor some tasks anyways11:10
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juejaeger: wrt FS#1092, do you remember the real reason why we've added the tar-rootp patch? I only remember that Han was one of the supporter15:40
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jaegerjue: I don't remember what caused it exactly but I did find this:
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frinnstholy hell17:03
frinnstxmlto used 100% ram when building the btrfs man-pages17:03
frinnstbefore crashing17:04
frinnstsomething must be wierd17:04
frinnstfirst time i've ever used 16gb ram on this box :)17:06
juejaeger: thx for the link. Indeed, the patch comes from Han but it seem that upstream doesn't accept it17:34
jueI tend to agree with Alan, we should preserve the default17:59
juefound this one ->
jaegerI have no objections to that if the problem that required it originally isn't still an issue18:01
juevague remember now that the whole thing came up in the context of extracting kernels, but ...18:04
jaegerwas it kernels or was it related to the 0/0 or root/root output in footprints?18:06
jaegerI can't remember18:06
juesorry, me neither18:17
juebut we are using bsdtar in pkgmk since quite some time, so it seems irrelevant for CRUX now18:24
jaegertrue, maybe so18:29
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