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prologichey jaeger re zfs07:17
prologicis it possible (from your experience or otherwise) to incrementally build a pool up? 1 drive (RAID-Z0); 2 drives (RAID Z1); 3 drives (RAID Z2); etc?07:18
prologicjaeger, also do you have ports for zfs or shall I create some?07:50
prologicjaeger, you're a good man :)07:58
prologicmind if I put these in contrib?07:58
prologicor better yet opt :)07:58
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jaegerprologic: changing the pool type is not possible as far as I know14:35
jaegeryou can add more vdevs to it later, though14:35
jaegergo ahead if you like14:35
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diverseI invited kori here22:17
diversekori: try to promote about pkgconf here22:18
koriwell, I'm sure you guys know about pkgconf already22:18
koriit is a cleaner and lighter drop in replacement for pkg-config22:19
korithere's a better explanation of why it should be considered for CRUX here22:19
diversecould this be considered for 3.2?22:21
kori3.2 can mark a deeper change for CRUX considering the influx of new users22:21
korialso, I read /etc/rc, and there's some parts that could use cleaning, no?22:22
korithere's been efforts to port /etc/rc to POSIX sh, right?22:28
prologicI believe we've been toying with the idea of porting the rc scripts so they're more POSIX/sh compatible - yes -- but mostly so we can swap out bash for dash or ash in core23:37
prologicalthough I'm not sure there's much benefit really :)23:37
koriprologic: well23:37
prologicjaeger, also we should seriously consider zfs tools in core/opt and/or on the iso :)23:37
korithe rationale for porting rc to dash would be the fact that dash executes scripts faster.23:38
korithere's benefit there23:38
koribooting your system faster is always nice :D23:38
diversedash is also smaller too and less vunerable to exploits23:38
diversebut I already made this argument23:38
prologicI have too in the past :)23:38
diverseprologic: I think you were the first actually23:39
korirc is much closer to POSIX sh than pkgtools are23:39
prologicprobably :)23:39
prologicI also did port the scripts yers ago but lost the work :(23:39
diverseI know that feeling23:40
korialso, there's sinit as a very minimal replacement for init23:40
koris/ init/ sysvinit/23:40
tvaalenThere are versions of pkgutils (partially) ported to POSIX sh:
koriI never met Pér23:45
korihe seems cool though23:45
korifrom what i've seen23:45
teK_han :p23:49
tvaalenThe One And Only(tm). But he likes portable stuff, so that's nice.23:54

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