IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-12-08

frinnstheh, yeah Han is a bit tricky to deal with00:03
Worksteri remember han00:44
diversefrinnst: tricky?01:02
Romsterdifficult to deal with01:46
Romsterprobably how i was when i was new here -_-01:46
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prologicjaeger, ping?07:21
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jueI agree that it would be nice to use dash for /bin/sh, mainly because of the said reasons, but I don't see any good cause for changing rc from beeing a bash script to sh13:00
jueRomster: you forgot to add the ticket for the openssl configure option, right?13:03
jaegerprologic: what's up?13:04
frinnstwhy on earth would we want to include zfs on the *iso*?13:44
frinnstand if its going to go into a repo it should be contrib or <new hacky&breaky ports>13:45
jaegerZFS is pretty solid these days in linux, actually13:47
jaegerI've been using it on my NAS for a long time now13:47
jaegerkori: have you actually tried pkgconf in place of pkg-config yet?13:50
Romsterjue, i have yes.14:06
korijaeger: I'm using it right now15:08
jaegerany odd behaviors or breakage?15:11
frinnstzfs on linux is used in production in some places15:12
frinnstso yeah its "stable".. but still hacky ;)15:12
jaegerWhy is it hacky? It's native now, not that zfs on fuse BS it used to be15:12
jaeger(not trying to start an argument, just curious)15:13
korijaeger: I haven't noticed any so far15:13
frinnstmostly because its maintained out of tree15:13
koriit -is- a drop in replacement15:13
jaegerkori: I know it's intended to be but as with all things that touch many parts of the system, thorough testing is warranted15:14
jaegerfrinnst: ah15:14
korijaeger: then it certainly needs more testers and testing ;)15:16
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prologicfrinnst, only because of licensing issues23:59
prologicyou'd probably say the same about most Video Card drivers :)23:59
prologicbut I'm not complaining about NVIDIA which "just works" :)23:59
prologicjaeger, just wanted to hear your experiences so far23:59
prologicdisk failues, having to replace disks and resilver, etc23:59
prologicwhat kind of disks you're using23:59

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