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prologicTo help digest the mind over the decision :)07:35
prologicstill can't make up my mind :) -- learning towards RAIDZ1 though with groups of 3 with one hot spare (3x3=9 + 1 spare)07:36
diversehow does `pkginfo -o` work exactly? It lists the contents of the package but also from others?07:40
diverseprologic: ^07:42
prologiclists matching packages that match the given pattern07:58
prologicbit like prt-get fsearch I suppose07:58
prologicprobably the same functionality if I'm not mistaken07:58
diversematch which pattern?08:02
juediverse: a file pattern08:39
prologicprobably uses glob patterns09:05
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diversenow I need a break from fighting git/github13:08
diverseRomster: I done it the master-app way, so "pkg add" for pkgadd, "pkg info" for pkginfo, etc13:11
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diversetvaalen: btw, that is the next pkgutils port ^15:49
tvaalenStill not sure I'm going to go the crux route though. :/15:51
diverseI just wanted to show you, since you like talking about source ports15:52
tvaalenBut I have fond memories of it and have always had some itches with it I've wanted scratched. pkgutils is one of them. :P15:52
diversewell I'm looking for ways to improve it. It's my project15:54
tvaalenOk. Not that familiar with rust.15:56
diverseNo worries15:57
diverseI don't expect source code contributions to begin with15:58
tvaalenI'll probably look into it during the holidays though. However, I seem to be dragged into the go camp by a coworker.15:58
tvaalenSure, but it's always nice with extra eyes.15:59
diversejust don't use this as your main tool, use it in a chroot16:00
diversewell, what languages are you familiar with besides C or C++?16:01
diversebut then again, you can always learn from the Guide16:02
tvaalenNah, I'd be running it in a docker container.16:03
tvaalenAt work I primarily do Erlang.16:03
tvaalenSome Clojure as well.16:03
diverseso learning the FP concepts should be super easy for you16:03
diversein Rust that is (if you wanted to)16:04
tvaalenOther than that I mostly do the above and other lisps. Doing some random private projects in C, Go, etc.16:04
tvaalenYeah, on a theoretical level I prefer rust for the pattern matching, macros, etc.16:05
diverseI do a fair amount of pattern matching16:05
diverselove it16:05
tvaalengolang seem to be winning the "practicality war" though. It's already way adopted, has a nice community, easy to comprehend developer story, etc.16:06
tvaalenYeah, pattern matching is mostly awesome. Kind of depends on the language though.16:06
diversewell golang serves a different purpose than what rust does16:07
tvaalenMatching in Erlang is a very integrated concept almost everywhere. And it fits nicely with the rest of the feature set.16:08
tvaalenIt just doesn't feel like the same thing when you do matching in lisp, or destructuring of datastructures in some random lisp or python.16:08
tvaalenFor example, of course.16:09
diversewell I feel that pattern matching is more of a Haskell/ML thing than a Lisp thing16:09
diversehowever lisp can emulate any feature it wants16:09
tvaalenYeah, it is. Mostly don't use haskell or ml though.16:10
tvaalenThey feel... impractical somehow. Both developer story/tools wise and community wise.16:11
tvaalenOn the other hand, that's mostly personal preferrence.16:11
diverseWell Haskell is more of an academia, however due to the open source nature, it became very popular. But you are right, it's not so much practical in the real world. That is what Rust is trying to achieve.16:12
diversetvaalen: if you would like to see a basic idea of pattern matching, check my file16:14
tvaalenYeah, skimmed through both modules.16:15
tvaalenAre you thinking of the match?16:15
tvaalenThose feel a lot like case/switch.16:16
frinnstsorry for butting in, but this discussion is prehaps more suited for #crux?16:16
diversefrinnst: you're right, sorry :)16:16
frinnsti get nervous when I see a lot of text in #crux-devel :)16:16
frinnststop giving me heartattacks :)16:17
tvaalenWoops, really sorry. I thought this was #crux.16:17
diverseI'll take it to a pm16:17
frinnstno worries, i've done that too16:17
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leo-unglaubhey, i am currently thinking about the portdb21:03
leo-unglauball my ports are submitted via rsync, but the problem with that is that i cannot view the pkgfile or the fingerprint online21:03
leo-unglaubto show and index them you do a daily fetch of the repository, would it possible for you to store the sync and simply download the .footprint file from your server?21:04
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jaeger :D22:30
jaegergoddamn java :P22:32
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frinnsthaha jaeger23:20

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