IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-12-15

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jaegerRomster: playing with gparted before a reinstall on one of my machines today and there's no point where I can get it to force GPT at all20:50
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Romsterwell i don't know what happend it did it on two machines. so i reinstalled then the other IT guy found a tool to reactivate the oem windows with a certificate and key.21:45
Romsterso there both good again but now i'm wary of gparted21:45
jaegerthe analytical part of me would love to know what you did so I could  reproduce it... but I've not been able to figure it out so far21:50
jaegerhell, GPT isn't even the *default*21:50
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Worksterthen what the heck went wrong with me...23:05
Worksterafter resizing dos partitions it fucked up windows.23:06
Worksteri dont trust the tools now -_-23:06
Worksterall i did was shrink sda3 and shift it to the right and grow sda2 both on NTFS23:06
Worksterthen windows spit the bootloader crap23:07
Worksterand other IT guy looked at it when i was out because i was pissed off at it. andnoticed it had both GPT and DOS labels23:07
Worksterwith windows 723:08
jaegerno idea what causes that but I'm pretty sure it wasn't gparted23:13
jaegerhybrid MBRs can happen but not sure what made it23:13
frinnsti've had that when i tried to move my windows install to a smaller drive23:51

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