IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-12-17

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juegood morning08:09
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prologicjaeger, any hints as to my /dev issues on my vm?08:09
prologicI was going to try and screencast it so one of you can see wtf's going on :)08:09
prologicgonna try to fix this tonight08:09
juefrinnst: we are using the successor of Heirloom mailx aka nail for mailx nowadays, called s-nail which is very activly maintained08:12
juefrinnst: dunno if s-nail affected by
juebut, yeah, we should use a different url: for that08:17
juethanks for the hint, btw :)08:17
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prologicany ideas on this one?08:58
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teK_is this a distro kernel or did you configure that yourself?09:18
teK_maybe it lacks:09:18
teK_also: interesting that you are using a german (v)hoster :)09:19
Romsteris it ok what sepen has done? directory name is not the same as name= and it'll clobber other ports of the same name in opt.09:45
prologicteK_, configured myself09:50
prologicteK_, I wanted to move away from codero.com09:50
prologicfrom a physical to a vm09:51
prologicand given all the privacy shit in the US09:51
prologicI thought Germany be a good place to move to :)09:51
Romsteras if you got anything to hide prologic09:56
Romsterthey wont be interested in open source projects09:57
prologicI have lots to hide thank you very much10:00
Romsteroh this is just a cover eh for a sinister plan to take over the world.10:02
Romsterbtw prologic i saw you doing something with circuits a d docker is that for CI?10:02
Romsters/a d/and/10:02
prologicsaw where?10:03
prologicyesh it's a wip10:04
prologicautomating docker and various things around it10:04
prologicnext up on the list of things to do is10:05
prologicautomatically reconfigure a running hipahce instance for when new docker containers are started/stopped/etc and setup vhosts if found in their environment10:05
prologicdocker + autodock == mini paas (of sorts)10:05
prologicI'll probably publish it all soon10:05
prologicand ship a fig.yml so you can:10:05
prologicclone && fig up -d10:06
prologicand you have your mini PaaS ready to go10:06
Romsterreading that on bitbucket10:06
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Romsterhello.local is what a named pipe?10:07
Romsteror unix socket10:07
prologichacked up entry in /etc/hosts10:07
prologicfor demo purposes10:07
Romsterso it'll do more than this in future to configure a container and build10:08
Romsternot sure what exactly your trying to accomplish10:08
Romsterbut looks like a master docker container and as many siblings as you need for building various things.10:09
prologica mini-PaaS10:09
prologicall CLI driven with the right touch of automation10:09
prologichere's an example of what you'd expect10:09
prologicdocker run -e romster/foobar10:10
prologicthen (if points at your Docker host) suddenly and magically "just works" (tm) :)10:10
Romsteroh so like different services hmm10:11
Romsterso a wiki container a blog container etc..10:11
Romstergit log container, build status container... list is endless.10:11
Romster new to me.10:12
Romsterbut it doesn't seem that much different than manually setting something up.10:12
prologicall you have to do is specify the VHOST env10:13
prologicand it will assume the container exposes/listens to port 8010:13
prologicwhich I might make configurable on autodock-hipache's part10:13
Romsteroverhead much?10:13
Romsterjust basicly using some http server to set VHOST and it sees all the mounted directories to the main docker image.10:15
jueRomster: no it is not, the name of the directory must match name10:15
Romsterthats too much for CI you got other plans there.10:15
Romsterjue, that's what i thought.10:15
jueRomster: please, file bugs for those ports10:16
Romsterwill do jue10:16
jueRomster: thanks10:16
Romsteri like to keep an eye on commits and yeah that looked wrong to me.10:17
jueindeed, prtverify reports this as an error10:17
Romsterfor someone that made virtual-env he sure doesn't test his stuff anymore.10:17
Romsterah i hadn't checked with that tool10:18
Romsteropens bugs10:18
Romsteri don't wanna feel like the police but i seem to be reporting broken stuff and bugs a lot more lately.10:18
Romsteri have a few ports i need to fix too.10:19
juewell, sometimes I get the impression that you have too much time for crux ;)10:19
Romsteri dunno.10:20
Romsteri'm honestly surprised your really liek the lead crux person here jue followed by tek jaeger and frinnst10:21
Romsterthe rest do what now? :D10:21
Romsteroh other than sepen and alan and pitillo with there desktop enviorments but crux in general.10:22
frinnstjue: ah good to know10:23
Romsterdone jue10:33
Romster no one looked into that?10:37
pitilloRomster: here I haven't much time to do tests. I'm maintaining E and CRUX-ARM atm and E is a bit stalled (I've lost interest on last version e19 since e17/e18 are working really well, probably I'll put some efforts on e19 next year, but I need to read what plans they have in mind related to systemd/pulseaudio stuff)10:58
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Romsterpitillo, last time i tried e18 it just worked.11:06
prologicgood lord11:08
prologicthat was the most difficult install I've had in a while11:08
prologicbut the new server is finally online11:08
prologicbtw ^^^ what's with the ext3 warnings?11:08
pitilloyeah, I'm using both versions, e17/e18 without problems, but last time I gave a try to e19, I saw ned dependencies and I've read about it and pulseaudio and systemd and I stoped...11:08
prologic/dev/vda1 is meant to be ext411:08
Romsteroh that sounds nasty pitillo11:08
pitilloRomster: true, that's why I stoped and let that on a side since I get some free time to dig into it11:09
Romsteri get those errors too prologic i think it's safe to ignore as long as your mounting at ext4 in fstab.11:09
pitilloprologic: that sounds nice, could those error be related to some mount testing (no fstab setup)?11:10
Romsteri tink it's todo with having support for ext2 and ext3 and possibly eudev? or extfsutils testing the features11:11
prologicno there's an fstab11:11
prologicI'm ssh'd in now :)11:11
prologiccrux all up and running, etc11:11
prologic# cat /etc/fstab | egrep "^[^#]"11:12
prologicdevpts                 /dev/pts  devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620  0      011:12
prologictmp                   /tmp      tmpfs     defaults                         0      011:12
prologicshm                   /dev/shm  tmpfs     defaults                         0      011:12
prologicoh :)11:12
prologic/dev/vda1              /         ext4      defaults                         0      111:12
prologic^O :)11:12
prologicstupid irc :)11:12
Romsterso was it devtmpfs missing prologic to get that VM on that host working?11:13
prologicyes it was11:14
prologicthank you to teK_ :)11:14
Romsterah one to remember in future11:14
prologicI don't ever remember having to set that optin on my dekstop though11:14
prologicso *meh* :)11:14
prologicI plan to Dockerize everything on this new host11:15
Romsteri believe that was mentioned in the change logs for crux 2.8 release11:15
prologicahh reallyL11:15
prologicI've forgotten :)11:15
Romsterpretty sure11:15
Romsterah i don't see it11:17
Romsterin release notes at least. pretty sure it was on the mailing list11:17
Romster The setup program installs a configuration file /usr/src/linux-3.12.24/.config which is a good starting point for a custom kernel, because all needed options, like CONFIG_DEVTMPFS, are enabled.11:18
Romsterso it's in the guide.11:19
Romsterand the .config11:19
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prologicahh yeah11:29
prologicthat's probably what I missed11:29
prologicI started from a blank config11:29
prologicsince I was installing by hand from a rescue boot11:29
prologici.e: no setup script to help me11:29
prologicthis is (I think) now the 3rd "by hand" install I've done like this11:29
Romsteryeah probably ages ago11:30
Romsteri know because i poke around and see the ML11:31
prologicI believe I'd eon this kind of install on slicehost and lniode before11:31
prologicmost hosting places don't have CRUX as an "available ready to go image"11:31
prologicbut usually have a rescue system11:31
Romsteri saw a what ec2 image of crux in ML?11:31
prologicthere is :)11:31
prologicthanks to whatever hsi name is11:32
prologicand now a Docker image11:32
prologicso yeah11:32
prologicCRUX is great in the cloud :)11:32
Romstercrux really isn't that hardened though11:32
Romsterhardened tool chain11:33
prologicI'm not that paranoid11:33
Romsterwith heartbleed bashbug xorg11:33
Romsterthough who runs xorg on a server11:33
Romsternot a good year for security11:34
prologicman-db is reporting a 40411:59
Romster exists12:10
frinnstjue: interesting12:18
frinnstI dont really think its a *major* issue, who uses 'mail' to *read* mail anyways?12:20
jueyeah, my thought as well12:22
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jaegerprologic: so it was exactly what I guessed last time you mentioned it? hehe14:32
jaegerprologic: the ext3 errors are probably due to compiling the kernel's ext4 module to support ext2 and ext3 as well14:33
jaegerharmless but annoying, I think14:36
Romsteri get them errors never been a problem14:41
jaegerprologic: I run crux on one of my linode VPSes but they provide their own kernels. No idea on slicehost14:51
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prologicjaeger, ahh i see20:53
prologicI might fix that then :)20:53
frinnstI get a "error opening usb device "descriptors" file" every once in a while with our latest eudev. what am I missing?22:50
jaegerI've seen that once or twice but haven't researched it23:48
jaegerRomster: any comments on that wine patch I mentioned a couple days back?23:49

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