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frinnstlooking at the glibc 2.19 branch, it seems to be lacking a couple of patches that has gone into 2.2000:32
frinnsti *really* doubt 2.19 isnt vulnerable since CVE-2014-9402 was reported against 2.11.3 afaik00:33
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RomsterFATAL  opt/masqmail ............. world writable directory found: var/lock/06:42
RomsterFATAL  opt/samba ................ world writable directory found: var/lock/06:42
RomsterFATAL  opt/lvm2 ................. world writable directory found: var/lock/06:42
Romsterdoesn't look good.06:42
Romsterdrwxrwxrwt 6 root root06:43
Romsteron my system is that normal?06:43
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Romsterah it has sticky bit set so not so bad07:23
jueRomster: where does this error message comes from? prtverify reports only an error if the sticky bit is not set, which is correct07:53
jueoh, seems we are running a very old version on ;)08:06
Romsteri saw mailman error then i clicked the link to that.08:06
Romsteris there really anything of concern in there?08:07
jueteK_: mind to update prtverify on, please?08:07
Romstersorry i keep spotting these things :)08:08
jueRomster: don't think so, there's still one issue with mailman, but I've reported this to sepen already08:09
Romsterah that's cool then.08:10
juebtw, by chance I saw your firefox-gpo port. What's the deal with the strange source line there?08:12
Romsteroh that's just my version sort in it grabs the version off the url and ,.generate spits out Pkgfile with the new version number.08:13
Romsterdone similar lines for ffmpeg youtube-dl and others.08:14
Romstertoying around with that for tracking new versions to auto generate. but it still requires manual testing before committing.08:15
Romsterwhat i'd like todo though is get a spider working database all the results in a daily job.08:15
Romsterthen use that to check what Pkgfiles need bumping08:15
Romsterits for my use only currently.08:16
juewell, as long such things are not in our official ports ...08:16
Romsteri mae my own git tree to keep it isolated from crux official.08:16
Romsteri'm not adding junk into crux.08:17
Romsterand it doesn't affect anyone else having generate files in my personal ports collection.08:18
Romsteralthough i might separate them out to there own git tree as well so its kept cleaner.08:19
Romsteri should do that.08:19 --common-ext | --show-ranking --show-failed --print-sorted --head 1 | awk 'NF {print $3}'08:20
Romsterstill does look ugly though08:21
Romsterthink i need to learn how to use scrappy and then keep version=@VERSION@ or soemthing. or just sed version= in the Pkgfiles after i got a database working.08:22
RomsterI'm working towards docker containers that try to build new versions. then i pick up on the failed and stuff and testing, before committing.08:23
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frinnstanybody able to test gcc 4.8.4? i run 4.9.x here15:13
jaegerI might be able to later this evening, going to be pretty busy today15:19
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juefrinnst: will do17:26
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teK_frinnst: mind test-driving the new spice-gtk update?19:33
teK_I get an immediate segfault with qemu19:33
frinnstI am19:33
teK_i.e. I hit connect, enter the password, BAM segfault19:33
frinnstI dont use any authentication though19:34
teK_I always had some issues19:34
teK_either segfault, the last updated bitched about protocol mismatch etc.19:34
teK_stpd fsck ;)19:34
teK_I think I'll update qemu on my server and retry though I dont have much hope as the current build should be linked against the exact same versions of spice-protocol etc.19:35
teK_gotta watch football now :)19:35
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jaegerbootstrapping an iso with gcc 4.8.4, should be a fair test23:07
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