IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-12-20

frinnstyeah. im rebuilding * in a vm00:02
frinnstran out of diskspace when building firefox...00:02
jaegerfirefox is why we can't have nice things00:04
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jaegerIt's in the middle of stage 2 now, seems to be going fine so far03:57
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frinnstyeah no issues here10:18
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jaegernone here either13:25
leo-unglaubteK_: still no response :(14:21
leo-unglauband also no package update ...14:21
teK_give it another two days, then post to the ML15:49
teK_so if a TLS layer is the  only solution we have the same CA-nightmare as with https16:07
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juefrinnst: same here, just finished a rebuild of everything, no issues18:14
juejaeger, frinnst: the update should be save, shall I do the commit?18:18
jaegerNo objections from me, it seems to be fine.18:20
frinnstyeah go for it18:31
frinnstI dont have it ready on this machine so please do18:31
jueteK_: thanks for the prtverify update :)18:40
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teK_jfyi (frinnst?) I pushed postfix to 2.11.3 as a test on crux.nu19:59
jaegerteK_: any more thoughts on upgrading to a newer release? (now that we do have an unofficial 3.1 x86 setup)20:06
frinnstyeah we probably need kvm access to do it20:47
frinnstwho did the initial install way back, maverick?20:47
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jaegercptn, pli, me21:11
jaegermavrick61 racked it for us but we did the configuration at cruxcon 2005 if I remember right21:12
jaegerI don't think there's any KVM access to it, I think we had to do the install via SSH or something21:26
jaegerLong time ago, though. I don't remember. I wonder if he has any ip kvm functionality there.21:33
teK_jaeger: I will not do anything until May '15 in these matters21:47
teK_yet, I cannot split myself into two, so there's  no  realistic perspectiveon medoing the upgrade. I'd say we'll be fine until next year either way21:48
teK_after  my last sweep theserver is  not that terribly out of date21:48
teK_btw.. are those stupid info pages in the same format (texinfo) that emacs is trying to kill now?21:55
teK_if yes: LMAO ...21:55
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jaegerteK_: fair enough, just curious. I'll try to keep the x86 stuff updated between now and then22:12
teK_what's x86 stuff?22:13
jaegerthe 32-bit ports overlay22:14
jaegersince isn't able to run 64-bit22:14
jaeger <-- that stuff22:15
jaegergood time for me to do some updates on that repo22:22
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