IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-12-22

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Romsterwow,  systemd even disables SysRq by default: #72542201:54
RomsterGood to know. Luckily it was fixed in Debian.01:54
RomsterBut this is imho insane, why one would override such stuff?? I start to understand systemd haters :)01:54
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diverseteK_: just wow03:23
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diversebtw, what happened to the site? The guy seemed to removed the contents.03:27
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koriit's been down for a while03:28
diverseit's loading now, but guy left a post about switching to "werc"03:31
diverseseems like he has been attacked multiple times03:31
diverseI miss that list ;(03:33
koriit had some vague points04:15
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jaegerI hate it when little shit like that change to file's output causes problems22:00
jaegernot a hard thing to fix, just annoying when it comes up22:00
Worksterwish file had something similer to lvms lvs,pvs,vgs commands with output formatting a user settable filed separator22:58
Worksterdesigned for scripting use22:59
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