IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-12-23

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frinnstwhy push a beta of the intel driver?15:50
frinnstoh, we already ran a beta15:51
juefrinnst: yeah, the beta is pretty stable for me since a long time and the last stable very old ;)16:28
jueI've started with the betas as of 3.1 to avoid a big chance after the new crux release, but 3.0 of intel is still not out16:29
juebtw, xz 5.2 seems to be ABI/API compatible to 5.0, running it here since yesterday16:31
juebut probably a good idea to wait a bit ...16:31
teK_is this the release with parallel (de)compression support? I heard something16:31
jueyeah, it is16:32
frinnstyeah I ran xz 5.2 for a while just after we released 3.116:33
frinnstno issues for me either16:33
frinnst <- i've not seen a patch yet16:34
frinnstinfo-zip vuln16:34
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jueyeah, it's rather disillusioning to see how many issues came up lately16:43
juebut zip is more or less unmaintained and they are using a forum instead of mailing list ...16:43
jueand yet another one for unzip ->
jaegermoving zip/unzip out of core is one of the things I still think would be nice for 3.217:00
jaegerjue: I agree it's partially disillusioning but on the other side of the coin, it's good that people are focusing more on finding and fixing the vulnerabilities17:02
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frinnstyeah its not like stuff suddenly started to suck17:19
frinnstit's always sucked :)17:19
jaegerindeed, it's just that we're seeing it more now, heh17:19
frinnstalso the bar for a "security issue" is pretty low these days. DoS not not always a security issue imo17:20
frinnstshit crashes all the time ;)17:20
jaegeryeah, I don't really consider crashing a security problem (just a bug) unless it's somehow exploitable for security circumvention17:22
jueindeed, I agree18:04
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