IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-12-24

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prologicMerry Christmas y'all :)20:58
jaegerand to you20:59
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teK_to all of you except frinnst because he doesnt believe in god for shure. (frinnst: Merry Holidays :))22:50
crash_happy holidays! :)22:52
teK_jaeger/frinnst: the DoS thingy depends on your definition of security. Usually it is formally defined as a deviation of the model's properties (wrt confidentiality, availability (!), integrity etc.) and DoS mildly touches availability22:55
teK_more colloquially spoken: everything you do not want to happen (crashes, ...), some adversary can trigger at will. Imagine a server hosting a service that gets DoSed the moment it is up and running. It's basically the same as if the server was not running at all.22:56

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