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Romsterfrinnst, i've played with lrzip06:10
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teK_the current driver does not detect my new gtx 970 :O21:17
jaegeryou have to use the short lived version currently for the 900 series21:18
jaegerno idea when nvidia will add 900s to the long-lived branch21:18
teK_oh ok21:19
teK_thanks for the hint. I have no problems with beta drivers ;-)21:19
teK_finally, I can run my display @UHD (after  having my gf give it to me as a gift in july..)21:20
jaegerhaha, nice21:21
teK_awesome actually. Had to increase font the font size, though..21:22
jaeger3840x2160 or larger?21:23
jaegeror is UHD <4k?21:23
teK_UDH = 4k = 384021:24
teK_marketing is everything, you knw?21:24
teK_3.8k sounds just shitty21:24
jaegerit's hard to keep up, heh. ask 4 manufacturers and you're likely to get 4 answers21:24
jaegerdifferent answers21:24
teK_I found out that there is no such thing as dp 1.1 cables21:25
jaegerwell, it is 4x 1080p, for what that's worth :)21:25
teK_there's only one type of cable. I am grateful.21:25
jaegerso even though it's not really 4k pixels wide it's 4 something, at least21:25
teK_good catch21:25
teK_4 something :D21:25
teK_I like that21:25
teK_from now on I am going to introduce my display to guests as the 4 something21:26
jaegerI approve21:26
teK_I'll give credit for sure21:28
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