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diversethanks for hearing me out though00:04
teK_I'm familiar with these issues, too :)00:08
diversecool, well that's why I ask you or prologic on programming logic advice00:09
diverseyou two have more experience than I do00:10
teK_I dont know ;)00:12
frinnstfuck tomcat gently with a chainsaw00:53
frinnstjava and http. what could go wrong?00:54
teK_I never touched maven OR tomcat00:54
teK_everything? :>00:54
teK_on a related note: putting together a little PHP script for test-purposes00:54
frinnstone of our customers runs Jira on a poor windows server. They had some hotshot hearing all sorts of good things you could do with Jira. So they decided to upgrade from their ancient 3.13 version to the latest and greatest. They asked me if I wanted to do the upgrade00:55
frinnstI said "no"00:55
frinnstthey ended up paying a consultant many many moneys without getting any new features in the end00:56
teK_serves them right!1100:56
teK_instead you could have collected that money00:56
diversesounds pretty messed up00:56
frinnstother than a muuuuuch slower site and the consultant managed to import their entire AD00:56
frinnstso now they have many many local users in Jira00:57
frinnstyeah these things never end well. You know you're in trouble when a non-it person decides to implement something00:58
teK_well you introduce AD to manage accounts in many differnt places, right?00:58
diverseor an idiot who thinks they know what they are doing00:59
teK_yes; I know that FIRST hand, believe me00:59
frinnsthaha yeah00:59
teK_hey, we have this 280 man-day project with a volume beyond half a million euros.. let's just start another project in parallel after launching the first one that will depend on the second one estimated by some sales fart to be roughly 50k EUR01:00
teK_after all we are going to introduce the second project withing a week, forcing >100 peeps aged 40+ to start using computers01:00
diversesounds like terrible project management01:01
teK_no, we won't do the second project01:01
teK_I am the project lead, this was the idea of the my project owner ;)01:02
diversethank goodness01:02
teK_at least it sunk into his head that we will need to buy external support for my tasks some time soon01:04
diverseteK_: clients are really something huh?01:06
teK_it's worse01:07
teK_clients change more or less automaticalyy01:07
teK_employers usually don't ;)01:07
jaegerwoot, nice bonus. The Intel 7260 wifi+bt module works perfectly with my dualshock 3 controller via bluetooth... so no more need for a separate usb bt dongle01:28
teK_!woot.. I added libcurl to an application doing HTTP POSTs. Now the app uses ~10% CPU while the posts are sent01:31
teK_I think I will have to group the POSTs so bw usage increases and CPU goes down01:32
teK_atm it's one HTTP POST per recorded event (like read Key X from the registry) which will happen a lot if the system does something :)01:33
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diversethe dualshock 3 is pretty nice01:54
jaegerone of the best controllers made01:56
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Romsterlast time i tried an ati card it never worked either. too new for the driver.05:46
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juejaeger: for compliance, I stumbled over it while doing the dash tests; thought that it is better to s/==/=/ than to change the shebang to bash08:06
juejaeger: but sorry, I should have asked you first08:07
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jaegerjue: It's fine, I was just curious13:50
jaegerjue: after asking that I looked in the bash manpage and saw a note about POSIX13:50
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jaegerprogramming question for anyone who's interested:18:25
jaegerC, specifically18:25
jaegerIf I want to pass an array of arbitrary length strings into a struct constructor function, I need to either:18:26
jaegera) use fixed-length strings so I can determine the size of the array programmatically18:26
jaegerb) use a linked list so I can determine the length of the array (or linked list in this case) programmatically18:26
jaegeris that correct or am I missing something?18:26
jaegerI guess I could also c) pass the length of the array as an additional parameter to the constructor function18:27
jaegeroption c makes it really simple18:39
diverseI'd say c) sounds the most flexible and reusable20:03
diverseAlso my "way-of-the-code" is to code as you go and if you begin to see a way to shorten it or make it more maintainable, refactor it.20:08
diversejaeger: but that's me, wait for others' opinions20:11
jaegerI already implemented it as option c but I'm curious20:25
jaegerthanks for the input20:25
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