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teK_any objections on putting Disallow: /gitweb/* in our robots.txt?00:03
jaegernone from me00:04
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Romsteris it being hammered to death07:37
teK_not to death but not necessary at all07:38
Romstersupose we don't need to search it with a search engine07:38
teK_nope, not at all07:39
teK_the change is already pushed :)07:39
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jueteK_: in our Timeline the links to git commits are currently broken (404)16:15
teK_will look into that tonight (I hope)16:17
jueteK_: thanks16:18
teK_something with the redirect module I suppose16:19
teK_I changed them yesterday16:19
frinnstuh, works for me?16:20
frinnstloads just fine16:20
frinnstah sorry i cant read16:20
teK_it's hard to disappoint very low expectations any way16:23
teK_oh and I won't mind somebody else taking a quick look at this issue either16:36
jaegerlooks like ';' is converted to '%3b' and that causes the breakage16:39
jaeger vs.;a=commit;h=9d76950fdf3722d64f37c4358afbcbf9395bc89516:39
teK_sure, but why16:41
jaegerhow does the timeline actually work? Is that a pmwiki builtin feature?16:41
teK_I stil suspect the new rewrite trules16:41
teK_the links seem alright!16:42
teK_this is a straight copy from
teK_I see.16:42
teK_the quick fix is to make the timeline spit out relative URLs16:43
teK_I dont get why everything is linked as a full url any way...16:43
jaegerlooks like they get stored in timeline.db as full urls16:45
teK_mind changing the script?16:45
teK_it's braindead to use full urls in a relative context16:45
jaegerI was just looking for the script that actually populates it16:45
teK_crontab -l -u crux?16:46
teK_spiced up with sudo, probably ;)16:46
jaegerok, tlcacher16:46
jaegeryeah, need sudo for that16:46
jaegerok, I'll poke at it16:49
jaegerseems like it should be as simple as changing $git_url = ";a=commitdiff;h=%s"; to $git_url = "/gitweb/?p=%s.git;a=commitdiff;h=%s"; ?16:50
jaegersame for $task_url16:50
teK_I will do that for the whole page (i.e. remove the http.*/ part)16:51
teK_it seems to be a []-Tag in the mod-rewrite rule16:52
teK_so the only thing for solving this missing is my SSH keys :P16:52
jaegeroh, you want to do that in rewrite instead of the cacher script?16:52
teK_but a) relative URLs are better for obvious reasons and b) I want people to be able to link to our site in any way they wish16:53
jaeger <-- the change I made16:53
teK_looks fine to me16:54
teK_btw.. as it produced zero echo..16:54
teK_jue/frinnst .. TLS on our site.. good?16:54
jaegerthat change didn't seem to help, still getting rewritten16:55
teK_the links did not change16:55
teK_the timeline is generated periodically, you did re run the script to that, right? :)16:56
teK_the only drawback we have to take is that you cannot link to (that URL won't ever appear on our page) due to certificate restrictions16:57
teK_ < causes a warning16:57
teK_we will need to add NE to the []-setting of the rewrite rule, btw16:58
teK_(NE == no escape)16:58
teK_or L. I'll see.16:59
jaegersorry, had someone in my office. I did re-run the cacher, of course :)17:04
jaegerin the source of the page they're written as*17:05
teK_yeah, wtf ;)17:06
jaeger69671|8582|1420589753|task_closed|2015-01-07|01:15|Jose V Beneyto||Task [[|1114]] closed by Jose V Beneyto|17:06
jaegerfrom the sqlite db17:06
jaegerI haven't read the entire tlcache code, does it only change new entries?17:11
teK_have not looked at it for quite some time17:12
jaegerlooks like it does17:13
jaeger$last_cached_sql = "select cache_id from events where event_type like 'task%' order by cache_id desc";17:13
jaeger$last_task = $row['cache_id'];17:13
jaeger$sql = "select history_id, event_date, event_type, user_name, flyspray_history.task_id, item_summary, closure_comment, real_name from flyspray_history  join flyspray_users on flyspray_users.user_id = flyspray_history.user_id join flyspray_tasks on flyspray_tasks.task_id = flyspray_history.task_id where history_id > $last_task";17:14
jaegerso I guess we could clear the timeline.db since it will pull events from the flyspray mysql db, right?17:15
jaegerthen re-run the cacher17:15
teK_backup-move you meant? :p17:15
jaegerwell, I was just planning to truncate it after a backup but the result would be the same17:16
jaegerany objections?17:16
teK_give it a shot17:16
jaegercompressing the backup takes a while :)17:18
jaegerprobably not necessary, my habit from work17:18
jaeger-rw-rw-r-- 1 crux webtools 89625600 Jan  7 06:50 timeline.db17:19
jaeger-rw-r--r-- 1 crux users     2300480 Jan  7 18:17 timeline.db.20150107-1817.xz17:19
teK_we should have >200GB left :)17:19
teK_someone used xz on our server17:19
teK_I installed it some weeks ago..17:19
jaegerI love xz :)17:19
teK_welcome buddy :p17:19
jaegerok, running the tlcacher again now17:19
jaegerthe timeline page is probably empty at the moment17:20
teK_this is going to take some time :)17:20
jaegeryeah. actually I need to kill and restart it so the cron job doesn't interfere17:21
jaegerwhich I have now disabled :D17:21
teK_afk (on my way home)17:24
jaegerhrmm, it's finished by broke... now there are no links17:33
jaegerteK_: I've reverted the change for now, will have to take a closer look at the code, I guess17:58
jaegerseems like timeline.php and rss.php will need some investigation18:13
jaegerAFK for lunch18:15
jaegerteK_: I begin to think that maybe we can't do relative urls because it's wiki syntax19:41
jaegerIt's trivial to change what gets written into the sqlite db but the wiki syntax doesn't seem to support relative external links19:47
jaegerit supports relative intermap links to other wiki pages, though19:48
jaegerteK_: for now I've set it to use absolute https:// URLs19:58
jaegerworks around the issue for now19:58
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teK_ok jaeger21:22
teK_fell asleep on the couch :p21:23
jaegerno worries21:24
frinnsthey, I did that too21:50
frinnststop copying everything I do, tek!21:50
diverse(I wonder if it's the other way around)21:53
teK_I was first21:53
teK_jaeger: did you add the NC part in the vhost?23:09
jaegerer... maybe? I haven't touched it recently but maybe I did that in the past for some reason?23:09
jaegerI don't recall, honestly23:09
teK_I trimmed things down to one rule for http://23:14
teK_still;ba=commitdiff wont work23:14
teK_RewriteRule ^/(.*)$1 [NC]23:15
teK_NC,L wont work either23:16
teK_how hard can it be23:19
jaegerlet's replace apache with something else, heh23:20
teK_maybe another .htaccess is in place23:22
teK_let me check..23:22
teK_of COURSE it is23:22
teK_duh :P23:22
jaegergo home, apache, you're drunk!23:23
teK_nah that's for pmwiki23:23
teK_I have no nerve to fix this atm23:23
teK_I am certain that the vhost/ rewrite rule is the problem23:31
teK_I get a 302, saying: <p>The document has moved <a href="">here</a>.</p>\n23:31
jaegercurse you, %3b23:32
teK_no. no no.23:33
teK_I'm gone, see you folks :)23:33
jaegertake care23:34

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