IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-01-08

teK_oh boy00:05
teK_NC is no-case00:06
teK_NE is no encoding00:06
teK_after this encouraging result.. back to coding00:07
teK_at least I trimmed our rewrite rules (down to two)00:09
teK_gn8 folks.00:09
diversesigh, acronyms00:09
diversehave a good one teK_00:09
jaegergood deal. night00:09
diversewas he talking about the prt-get rewrite?00:10
jaegerI don't think so00:10
crash_what kind of wm/de are you guys using under crux?00:12
diverseI'm currently using fluxbox atm00:12
jaegerI use MATE or i300:12
crash_nice :)00:13
crash_the last time i tried mate under crux it did't work i hade some compile errors but was a year ago i think. so i have stayed with openbox00:14
jaegerI'm one of the people maintaining the MATE repo so hopefully it doesn't get out of hand00:14
jaegerI use it every day on my workstation at work and on my steam box at home00:14
crash_so it seems to work good these days, i need to try it out again.00:15
crash_is it up to date 1.8 and such?00:16
diversejaeger: I've been wondering, why can't the mate ports repo be part of the official crux repos and listed on portdb?00:17
jaegerIt's 1.8, yes. It may not have every package up to date but I check it now and then00:17
jaegerdiverse: the guy who created the repo never asked for it to be, I suppose. Also, it's on google code and has no portspage setup00:17
crash_jaeger, nice that sounds promising00:17
crash_crux on a workstation at work sounds like a dream.00:19
diversethe port maintainers here are pretty good about keeping things up to date ;)00:22
jaegerWe aren't perfect so sometimes things slip through, but we try00:22
crash_that is what i like on crux, it's up-to-date but not has the problems as arch has sometimes. the system is borked :P00:23
diversecrash_: well that's because we're "semi-rolling" :)00:24
crash_indeed :)00:24
crash_diverse, you are from sweden? just thought on your nickname.00:25
diversenope, I just like the word, diversity is a good thing00:25
crash_diverse is a word here in sweden00:26
diverseI also named myself "guruverse" on github, because "diverse" is already taken and I use guru in some of my other aliases00:29
crash_hehe :)00:30
diverseplus it sounds awesome00:30
crash_it's kinda hard to get a nickname that fits and it's easy to proununce00:30
diversecrash_: btw, if you didn't know, frinnst here is also from Sweden00:36
crash_i did't know that00:42
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Romster"here we go again" now i'm miming a Metallica song.07:24
Romsterand wrong channel07:25
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teK_jue/frinnst/jaeger as a heads up: new openssl release with security fixes is coming up12:57
teK_(release is some time today)12:58
frinnstFeels like everything is on fire today13:44
frinnstfucking holiday fallout13:45
frinnstwhere did you read that tek?13:50
frinnst ?14:01
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frinnstForthcoming OpenSSL releases14:36
frinnstThe OpenSSL project team would like to announce the forthcoming release14:36
frinnstof OpenSSL versions 1.0.1k, 1.0.0p and 0.9.8zd.14:36
frinnstThese releases will be made available on 8th January. They will fix a14:36
frinnstnumber of security defects. Since these security defects are considered14:36
frinnstas moderate severity or less no further details or patches will be made14:36
frinnstavailable in advance of the release.14:36
Romster... you'd think they would withhold all security info to the threat until the release is out14:41
frinnstwhat would that do?15:03
frinnstthey havent revealed the issue. all they are doing is preparing people for it15:03
Romsterwell i guess they haven't released an actual way to break in with that threat? (any organization/person)15:07
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jueteK_: thanks17:26
juefrinnst: guess you are using automake 1.15?17:52
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teK_jue: what for? openssl or TLS?20:54
teK_or both or neither of them20:54
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