IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-01-10

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teK_I think they were talking about the ephemeral key used by ssh-1. My recommendation would be to default to ssh-2 ONLY in our default config09:28
nrxtxhm wasn't even that hard to boot crux with openrc12:58
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jaegerthe chatter in #crux brings up something I've been considering: buying some VPSes around the world to create a CDN for distfiles23:19
Romsteri'd prefer mking meta4 generator of current mirrors and just rsync between mirrors.23:25
Romsteri'm sick of my sites going down i need to move i think23:26
frinnstalso, we need a linux-firmware port23:45
Romsterthought we had one in contrib...23:49
Romsterdidn't look too hard frinnst23:49
frinnsttrue. I've had one in my personal repo so missed the one in contrib23:50
frinnstanyways, we will need to move it to core or perhaps opt23:50

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