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prologicjaeger, don't buy VPS(es)00:03
prologicshare it across the crux community00:03
prologicI'm happy to and willing to support this myself00:03
prologicor i.e: share the costs00:03
jaegerI had a test set up in VMs a bit back with nginx, bind, and some geoip stuff00:11
jaegernot sure if I still have those VMs around, though00:11
prologicjaeger, perhaps we can build a docker image that other willing participants in the crux community can easily run?03:25
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Romsterprologic, does docker need special hardware to work? can older machines run docker?03:49
Romsterlike core 2's can they run docker?03:49
Romsteror the cpu needs some flag to be able to.03:50
jaegerwhatever LxC needs, presumably03:56
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prologicspecial hw; no06:48
prologicYeah just a recent kernel06:48
prologicSo any CRUX 3.1 user will be fine06:48
prologicIf it helps I could probably provide a sed script that enables Docker support in recent kernels (at least CRUX 3.1+)06:49
prologicBut if we built a Docker image that provided a distributed cdn for CRUX distfiles it would make community participation trivial06:50
teK_I am happy to provide a mirror in Nuernberg, Germany09:14
teK_though no docker images for now :}09:14
juegood morning09:25
teK_hello Jürgen09:25
jueFYI, I'm mostly offline for the next week, so please have a look at my ports if something important happens09:27
teK_have fun (work or private leave?)09:27
jueshort vacation :)09:28
teK_where are you heading to?:)09:28
jueAllgäu, Tannheimer Tal09:29
jueok, have to leave now, take care09:30
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teK_sounds nice10:35
teK_have nice vacation10:35
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teK_=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.16:43
teK_the whole site is one large 40316:43
teK_I just dl'd every source URL from core,opt,xorg .. this makes up 3.8GB of data16:46
frinnstromster seems to have mirrored it:
teK_~6 ports could not be dl'ed16:47
teK_Workster: do you have a script to (re)build that mirror periodically?16:47
teK_thx frinnst, I just wanted to see how much data a mirror would have toprovide16:47
teK_dl'ing contrib atm16:47
teK_I used this zsh-beauty, BTW. cd /usr/ports ; for i in $PWD/{core,opt,xorg}/*(/) ; do cd "$i"; sudo pkgmk -do || echo problem in "$i" >> /tmp/dl.log ; done ; cd /usr/ports16:48
teK_sourceforge @40KB/s.. yay :}16:49
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teK_it's 6.5GB in total17:55
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prologicteK_, fantastic20:03
prologicso if we set something up that can be easily run20:04
prologicwe'll at least have 3 members of a community driven CDN?20:04
prologicjeager, myself and you :)20:04
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teK_frinnst wanted to take part, too21:22
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prologicoh excellent21:32
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teK_I niced-up the script a little..23:10
teK_if you care23:10
prologicwhat script?23:17
teK_jaeger: you can forget about prtwash, it only seems to work when the source files are in the package directory...23:20
teK_prologic: a script to download all the source files needed to build core,opt,contrib,xorg23:20
jaegerAh, ok. Maybe its logic could be adapted to work for this23:20
prologictek_ ahh nice23:21
prologicI'll use that :)23:21
teK_jaeger: probably23:21
prologicI'm thinking of something like: rsync between peers; a little service with geoip to hit an appropriate mirror and download the specified URL23:21
prologiconly issue is seeding the CDN23:22
prologicI was thinking the service could also automagically seed the CDN by way of "if URL doesn't exist locally"; download it and serve it up23:22
teK_it's decentral seeding ;)23:22
prologicprecisely :)23:22
prologicthat's what I was thinking23:22
prologicI can try and hack this up tonight :)23:22
prologicseems easy to build I think23:23
teK_prologic: yes, that's rather easy to do. I have seen transparent redirects with lighttpd23:23
prologicthen users just have to modfiyt their /etc/pkgmk.conf23:23
prologicand add something like cdn.crux.nu23:23
prologicor whatever we set it up as23:23
teK_the redirects have to use our package-db and "reverse" match the filename23:24
teK_this might be tricky :)23:24
prologicwhat are you thinking?23:25
teK_the user says:23:25
prologicI'll probably code up a little python wsgi23:25
teK_you have to look-up the full upstream url of nonmirroredfile-1.2.tar.gz from our ports tree23:26
prologicahh yes I see23:26
prologicokay easy enough23:26
teK_this involves some shel magic :)23:26
prologica O(1) hashmap of source(s) to filenames23:26
prologicsome of this stuff is far easier in something (say) like Python :)23:26
teK_thus the reverse match23:26
prologicbut yeah I get the idea23:27
teK_yes the hashmap is easy but filling it from Pkgfiles is another story23:27
prologicwill have to periodically parse all Pkgfile(s) from the ports tree23:27
prologicI guess23:27
teK_I put the script here:
teK_gotta go23:30
teK_bye, guys23:30
prologicI'll use it :)23:31
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