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jaegerdirty secrets (tm)00:13
jaegerit's my work workstation for reference00:13
diverseI'm going to build another workstation as soon as my tech bench and motherboard arrives00:14
Workstermore like a reimplementation than a rewrite00:15
Workstera rewrite is just cleaning up existing messy code to me00:15
Worksternothing out of the ordinary and a lot less than i'm using on my desktop jaeger00:16
jaegerno doubt :)00:16
diverseI see00:16
diversethen I guess a rewrite is more accurate to what I'm doing ;)00:18
Worksternot even in the same language, but your copying the original in a way so partly both, while jaeger is going blind in on a total reimplementation00:29
jaegeron a side note I originally started this reimplementation in python but decided later to do C instead00:32
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diversejaeger: that's a good idea, you abstract the code in a prototype state00:37
diversebtw, I'm planning on changing the name of my project00:38
diversewell have been planning00:39
jaegerto what?00:42
diverseI'm going to call it "metagear" now. The reason is, I'm planning to work on rewriting prt-get too. Calling my project "metapkg" has confused people thinking the binary is called metapkg, when really it's "pkg" for simplicity.00:43
jaegerMETAL GEAR?!00:43
diversejaeger: hey you got it!!!00:43
jaegersorry, couldn't resist00:43
jaegermine's just called 'cpkg' for simplicity00:44
diversewell not just an implicit reference to the Metal Gear series, but also because the Rust mascot is a cogwheel gear too00:45
jaegerI'd nearly forgotten about it but the cruxppc folks had a new tool as well. ilenia or something like that00:46
jaegerI don't know the differences, though00:46
diversejaeger: also MGS is where I knew how to pronounce your nick because of Solid Snake's old rival/companion Gray Fox00:50
jaegerheh, nice00:50
jaegertime to leave work, AFK00:56
diverseoh that's why you had the domain name "" I just released that00:57
diversejaeger: you are very clever00:57
diverselots of implicit meanings everywhere00:59
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jaegerI just liked the sound of it, actually, it wasn't tied to anything01:37
jaegerI like to think I'm a bit of a crux ninja by now but that may be too presumptuous :P01:39
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diversejaeger: how does being a cyborg ninja sound though?02:04
diversegood point02:05
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diverseprologic: ping20:47
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prologicdiverse: pong21:25
diverseare you an expert on network programming?21:26
prologicsure why not21:30
prologicI'll pretend to be one today ;021:30
diversesorry that I asked...21:31
prologicno no ask away :)21:32
prologicI just don't believe in "exports" as such :)21:32
prologiclet's just say I probably have spent several thousand hours programming network services (mostly in Python ofc)21:32
prologicspent many hundred hours debugging networks and packets with wireshark21:33
prologicand many thousand hours configuring networks :)21:33
prologicso they if you spend 10,000 hours doing something you're an expert21:33
prologicso *meh* :)21:33
prologicthey say*21:33
prologichmm need coffee21:33
diversesorry that I asked...21:52
diversedamn history21:53
diverseprologic: well I got tired of waiting for leo, so I wanted to consult with you on how I should go with implementing code that downloads files21:54
diverseleo insists I use TLS code21:55
prologicI see21:56
diversebut we never delved further into the topic and I'm stuck21:56
prologicdoesn't rust have something equivilent to requests or urllib?21:56
prologicor httplib21:56
diversethere is bindings to curl21:56
prologicyeah use that21:57
prologiclet curl do the heavy lifting21:57
prologicthere's also pycurl too :)21:57
diversethinking from a security pov, curl bindings also rely on the openssl bindings but I guess there is libressl's libssl, for security fixes that the openssl team is too lazy to fix22:00
prologicI wouldn't worry too much about it22:01
prologicor you'll spend far too much time doing something that should be simple :)22:01
prologicjust use the curl bindings and be done with it22:01
prologicIIRC/AFAIK pkgmk right now uses curl as-is too calling out to /usr/bin/curl22:01
diverseI thought it was wget?22:02
diversealthough I guess wget would use curl22:02
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jaegerit uses wget22:02
prologicoh sorry wget :)22:06
prologicpoint is the same :)22:06
diversewell wget uses openssl22:06
prologicdon't write your own http/ftp client code :)22:06
diverseprologic: keep in mind, my project isn't "real" so anything could go ;)22:07
diversebut if I want to get something done, I guess that's the path22:07
diverseunfortunately leo is too busy either22:08
diverseprologic: here is some examples
diverseprologic: I would want to use the .get() method to pull files, correct?22:15
diverse(I wish there were api docs)22:15
diversejaeger: even now I'm still don't know what I'm doing ;)22:19
jaegerit's a learning project :)22:20
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diversehahahaha, look who came22:25
Worksteron cue22:26
prologicdiverse: sounds about right22:35
Worksterhmm i like the idea of curl than wget. 1) better proxy support 2) meta4 support.22:38
Worksteronly down side of possibly using meta4 would be single point of failure or keepng meta4 files with the Pkgfile which isn't idea for auto regeneration due to mirror reliability updates. a cdn for that would solve it.22:40
Worksterof course it'll be not supported by crux, most likely.22:40
diversewell I got enough info to get started22:46
diversebrb, I need food22:46
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prologicjaeger: if the CRUX 3.1 ISO successfully boots some arbitrary system and sees it's block device(s) -- Can one just zcay /proc/config.gz > /usr/src/linux/.config and build from that config without modifications and expect to get a bootable system?23:29
prologicI should think so (hopefully)23:29
jaegeralmost. you'd need the ISO's initramfs as well23:30
jaegerhowever, the .config that the setup installs is the same as the running .config except for the necessity of the initramfs23:30
jaegerso there's no real benefit to doing what you're asking about unless you want to skip the kernel compile step23:31
jaegermake sense?23:32
prologicso I'd still need to configure the initramfs out of the config23:35
prologicoh well at least an initial build is done23:35
jaegernot much configuration needed; you'd copy it to the installed system and add it to your bootloader config with root=whatever23:35
prologickk :)23:36
prologicanyway I'll finish this up later23:36
prologicI'm trying out hosting23:36
jaegerif root=whatever is specified the initramfs tries that instead of its normal search and rescue23:36
prologicapparently they support uploading custom ISOs23:36
prologicso +123:36
prologicI want to construct a list of CRUX friendly hosting providers23:36
prologicand stick it up on our wiki23:36
jaegerthe kernel thing might be a moot point if they use xen or whatever23:36
jaegereven with the custom iso you'd use their kernel23:36
prologicI think it's full virtualization23:37
jaegerthey use KVM23:38
jaegeraccording to their faq23:38
prologicwas just looking at that23:38
jaegershould be relatively straightforward, then23:38
prologicso all good there23:38
prologicbe a similar setup/config to hetzne.de23:39
prologicI'll have to re-test/try out slicehost and linode again to be sure they're still CRUX friendly :)23:39
jaegerlinode is (that's what I use) with their kernels23:40
prologicmight might make the list hetzner, slicehost, linode and now vultr23:40
prologicahh cool23:40
prologicI remember slicehost was23:40
jaegermy IRC client runs on a crux linode VPS23:40
prologicused to use them23:40
jaegerLinux ninja 3.15.4-x86_64-linode45 #1 SMP Mon Jul 7 08:42:36 EDT 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux23:40
prologicso Linode use Xen?23:40
prologicso with Xen virtualization no kernel is required by the guest?23:41
prologicthe hypervisor boots a kernel23:41
prologicand you just build a filesystem on the block device?23:41
jaegernone that the user needs to install. a xen-compatible kernel is required but linode provides that23:41
jaeger(and doesn't give the option for custom ones)23:41
jaegerotherwise the install is as usual23:42
jaegerno kernel, no bootloader, configure those through their web UI23:42
prologicso still setup/configure lilo?23:42
prologicbut no kernel23:42
prologicweird :)23:42
prologicI guess Xen is still quite popular as a platform23:42
jaegerIt's not weird if you're a xen hosting provider :D23:42
prologictrue :)23:42

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