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prologicokay I bought 4 usb sticks00:27
prologic2x 4GB and 2x 8GB00:27
prologicof some arbitrary brand00:27
prologicgawd :)00:27
prologicquality hw here!00:27
prologicQ: If I use UUID(s) in lilo to boot from USB -- Do I need an initrd?00:56
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frinnstdepends, you'll need GPT01:04
frinnstand a special mbr flag01:05
frinnstlet me find the doc01:05
prologicso far I'm reading that you have to01:05
prologicbut if I don't and there's an easier way01:05
prologicthat'd be nice :)01:05
frinnstyou dont need to01:05
prologicoh great :)01:05
frinnstim not and i boot with uuid01:05
prologicahh nice01:05
jaegerwith grub you just need to use GPT... no idea on lilo01:05
prologicwith lilo?01:05
prologicmy god usb sticks are slow :)01:06
prologicstill extracting the kernel01:06
diverse"quality hw here"?01:07
jaegercould be worse. you could be using CF01:07
prologici wonder if CF is more reliable :)01:09
prologicthese SSD(s) really suck tbh01:09
prologicAny useful way to confirm it's died?01:09
jaegertry the smart self tests or if the manufacturer has a diag tool, maybe that01:10
frinnstjaeger you sure you dont need to toogle legacy bios boot on a gpt partition with grub?01:11
diverseprologic: sounds like you should return them01:12
jaegerfrinnst: not as far as I know01:12
diverseand buy an msata or m.2 SSD01:12
frinnstmaybe its just with syslinux.. dont remember how i set up my desktop01:13
frinnstI set up a microserver to boot from a usb-stick recently. I had to use gpt with "hybrid mbr" or whatever its called to be able to boot uuid01:14
frinnstbut I used syslinux for that01:14
jaegerI believe the kernel only requires GPT; the bootloader's specific requirements stack on that01:15
frinnstyeah I guess01:15
jaegerI might be wrong, haven't done a lot of research there01:15
frinnstsounds right though01:15
jaegerdiverse: why msata or m.2?01:16
frinnstI should be getting my hands on a new ssd soonish. it will give me a good reason to test it :)01:16
frinnstintel dc3500 ftw01:16
diverseif he cares about speed, but I guess a sata one would be fine too01:17
jaegermsata and m.2 don't automatically mean speed01:17
jaegerbesides, even at SATA II speed an SSD stomps spinning rust01:18
diversedon't they use the pci express lanes though? There is potential to get faster SSDs on m.2 at least compared to sata3, since it sata3 already meet it's full capacity on modern SSDs01:19
jaegerwith those said of course it depends on what the motherboard has available01:19
jaegermsata is physically similar to mini-pci-e but electrically it is SATA and requires a SATA host controller01:19
diverseah okay01:20
jaegerm.2 is a superset of SATA-express01:20
jaegerwhich can support EITHER but doesn't automatically mean pci-e01:20
prologicfrinnst, got that doco?01:20
prologicjust about ready to either configure lilo or grub01:20
diversejaeger: I guess that means newer SSD(s) in the future will potentially try take advantage of the pci-e lanes01:24
jaegerI'm sure some will, it'll depend on the manufacturer01:24
jaegeralso it's reasonable for them to put SATA-only M.2 connectors on cheaper lines of motherboards, etc.01:24
prologicyou know I've already pulled the SSD out01:25
prologicand I almost cbf testing it :)01:25
prologicmeans putting it back in some machine and running the SMART self tests on it01:25
prologicgah :)01:26
jaegeror build yourself a NAS :)01:31
prologicdoing that :)01:34
prologicwell soon01:34
jaegerthat was directed at diverse, not you :)01:34
frinnstbut as I said, seems its only needed for syslinux. grub can probably handle it if you just use gpt01:49
prologicguess I'll just use grub then?01:53
jaegeror skip on using UUID?01:54
Romsteryou can't do all of /var/ to tmpfs as /var/lib/pkg is very important to keep.01:54
jaeger /var isn't very large01:55
Romsterprologic, was more concerned with writes.01:55
Romsterhmm overlayfs might be an option there.01:56
prologicdamn this to hell01:56
prologicI'm not well versed in grub :)01:56
jaegerwhat are you trying to do? Why not just go with what you know already?01:56
prologicI assume it won't work?01:57
prologicsince the usb stick is /dev/sdf now01:57
prologicand may be something else later?01:57
jaegerah. maybe, depends on whether or not you change USB devices much, I guess01:57
prologic/dev/sda seems to be the SATA HDD01:57
prologicand /dev/sdb the CRUX media01:57
prologicwell I don't plan to :)01:58
prologicbut god only know what it'll be the moment I remove the CRUX media01:58
prologicso it may not boot at all? :)01:58
jaegerNo idea how you'd deal with that with lilo but with grub you can do some simple scripting in the boot config to search for the proper partition before trying to boot01:59
jaegerso it can find the proper boot device no matter where it moves. you still have to use UUID for the root partition in that case, though02:00
prologicahh ic02:00
jaegerblkid will tell you the UUIDs of everything important02:01
prologicgot all that :)02:02
prologicjust wreslting with a boot loader that will work02:02
prologicillo chucks an error at disk=/dev/disk/by-id/...02:02
prologicrather boot=02:03
frinnsti doubt that would work02:03
frinnstudev creates those i think02:03
frinnstthose symlinks that is02:03
jaegerit does02:03
frinnst <- my grub config02:04
Romsterprologic, in my lilo.conf i do02:09
Romsterand it works02:09
prologicfrinnst, what's this line do: search --no-floppy --fs-uuid --set=root ef8c7ca6-b827-48db-b6be-971930a1b455 ?02:14
prologicRomster, doesn't work here becuaes my USB's id has a colon in it02:15
prologicand lilo compalins about that02:15
jaegerprologic: it sets the variable 'root' to the partition it finds with that UUID02:18
jaegerit'll end up being something like 'hd0,gpt1' or whatever02:18
prologicso I'm done then ^^^ ?02:19
prologicjust seemed weird because frinnst had different uuids in search and PARTUUID02:20
Romsterprologic, damn who's bright idea was that02:20
prologicshould show my block ids02:20
prologicRomster, no idea :)02:21
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prologicwell that didn't work02:26
prologicI don't think the BIOS picked up the USB as being bootable02:26
prologicnever saw grub come up02:26
prologicAnd yes it's being told to try the USB first in Boot order02:26
Romsterguess go buy a new SSD monday02:27
Romsterprices have come down02:27
jaegerprologic: of course he'll have different UUIDs02:29
jaegerevery device and partition will02:29
jaegermark the partition where the kernel lives as bootable in parted/fdisk if you didn't already02:29
prologicI did02:32
prologicI see one issue when the usb stick got partitioned02:40
prologicit started at the 2048's cylinder02:40
jaegercylinder or sector?02:41
prologicwhatever Start is02:41
prologicsector I guess02:41
prologicmy desktop (Intel SSD) has:02:42
prologicDevice     Boot Start       End   Sectors   Size Id Type02:42
prologicmy 3TB SATA Disk:02:42
prologicDevice     Start        End    Sectors  Size Type02:42
jaegerwell, they're probably the same when it comes to flash02:42
prologicdid I somehow fubar up the partioning?02:42
jaegerthere's nothing wrong with the partition starting at 2048s02:43
prologicwell I'm not sure why the BIOS is'nt trying to boot grub :/02:43
prologicalthough I'm not actually sure whether grub was loding or not02:44
prologicnever seen what grub looks like02:44
prologicsuccessful or errored02:44
jaegerI just looked at your config, are you using grub or grub2?02:44
jaegerand is /dev/disk/by-id/usb-058f_6387_14100601008789-0\:0 /dev/sdf or /dev/sdf1?02:45
jaegeralso, ca70eb3a-01 is probably what you want to use with root=PARTUUID=02:46
prologicgrub2 I believe02:46
prologicwhatever was on the iso02:46
prologicjaeger> and is /dev/disk/by-id/usb-058f_6387_14100601008789-0\:0 /dev/sdf or /dev/sdf1? /dev/sdf02:47
jaegerok. rename menu.lst to grub.cfg is also a good step02:47
prologicI think -part1 is -> /dev/sdf102:47
prologicin /boot ?02:47
prologicgive this a try?02:53
jaegerwhat does the partition table look like?02:54
jaegerjust on sdf02:54
prologicstill no go03:01
prologicI get: Reboot and select proper Boot Device03:01
prologicwhich I'm not sure if that's Grub or the BIOS03:01
jaegerlooks like you used an msdos label instead of GPT so once it's booting the UUID thing may not work03:04
jaegerbut as for why your BIOS won't boot it, no idea there03:04
prologicso that error is not a grub error?03:05
prologicbut a bios one?03:05
jaegerI would guess so03:06
prologicI might try updating the BIOS finally03:06
prologicnever done that before either :)03:06
prologicany way to fix the missing GPT partition labels?03:06
jaegerrecreate the partition table or convert it with something like gdisk03:07
prologicI guess I'll start over :003:07
prologicand just how do you create a GTP partition table exactly?03:07
jaegerin parted, 'mklabel gpt'03:08
prologicI think I normally use cfdisk but that probably doesn't support GPT? :)03:08
jaegerin not-parted, you're on your own :D03:08
prologicparted is on the crux media?03:08
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prologicoh geez03:13
prologicthis is getting harder and harder03:13
prologicASRock H67MITX m/b03:13
prologicdoesn't look like I can update the BIOS *without* Windows03:13
jaegergot an extra platter drive somewhere?03:14
prologicI'm very tepmted to use the one that's in there right now03:17
prologicjust boot up the crux iso03:17
prologicand sync it's content to my desktop's 3Tt03:17
prologicgeez this is crazy03:17
prologicI'm starting to hate both SSD(s) and UEFI03:17
prologicand modern BIOS(es) in general03:17
jaegerI love my UEFI motherboards :) can update them straight from the UEFI03:19
prologicoh really?03:19
prologicwhat crazy m/b is that? :)03:19
prologichas builtin networking and web access? :)03:19
prologic*sigh* rsync time03:20
jaegerASRock H97m-pro4 and H97m-itx/ac03:20
prologicslightly newer than mine03:20
prologicthis media server is getting a bt old03:20
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diverseprologic: I'm a happy user of the ASRock Z97 Extreme9, and yes the internet uefi flashing is killer ;)04:04
diversesometimes after rebooting, I get in the habit of checking if there is an update before booting into my system04:05
diverseeasy as cake04:05
jaegernew nvidia drivers support the 900 series, looks like. I'll test them tomorrow04:08
diverseyou mean the longest lived ones?04:08
diverseoh heck yeah! \o/04:09
diverseabout time04:09
diversejaeger: you are going to need to use --use-gtk2 flag in the build, because they added gtk3 support04:13
prologicdon't even know why I'm bothering to image the data disk on the media server now07:56
prologicjust ordered a new Intel 530 120GB SSD07:57
Romsterthats what i got...07:59
prologicwhat s suckful waste of a day08:33
prologicand I spent till 2am trying to get a new install working on the old SSD08:33
prologicwhich is clearly deaded08:33
diverseWoo, Romster and I are kicking ass and taking names! \o/08:37
Romsteroh just metagear rust rewrite of pkgutils08:55
Romsterreads the database now and supplies info08:55
diverseand it's 10x faster08:55
diversecompared to what I had it before08:57
diversejaeger: btw, I wouldn't recommend preallocating the hashmaps, just let it grow from zero for your rewrite09:51
diversebut then it depends how you write it too09:52
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teK_does anyone have the mail address from jw?14:48
teK_httpup and prt-get DLs have been broken for some days14:48
teK_also: we should self-host this on
juehello guys, I'm back :)14:53
teK_hope you had a pleasant stay ;)14:57
jueteK_: yes, was very nice and relaxing :)14:58
teK_you may want to know that we now have a set of three 'official' source mirrors usable by setting as a mirror in pkgmk.conf14:59
teK_things are kinda working but there is  room for improvement (geo-based routing and a better synching scheme) :)15:00
juethat's nice, thanks for doing that15:01
juewrt Johannes, I don't have a newer email address than you, but he's working in the states now, see
teK_no problem, I will trim things this week. Also:  Romster and jaeger did somework, too :)15:02
jaegerteK_: I have prt-get and httpup on my mirror for what that's worth15:02
jaegerjue: welcome back, hope you had a good time :)15:02
teK_switching work places like other's ... :x15:03
juejaeger: yeah, thanks :)15:03
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jaegerdiverse: nvidia-settings tries gtk3 first and falls back to gtk2 if gtk3 isn't available16:47
frinnstjue: killall -q /usr/sbin/exim doesnt work when you restart after a upgrade19:50
frinnstwhy not use the same method of killing it as you do with restart?19:50
diversesigh, I don't know what's up with being a programming, but I'm surprised how I always find the stuff I write are so stupid sometimes21:19
jaegerprogrammings are still people21:20
diverseheh thanks for catching my typo21:20
diverseYou know what, I probably haven't ate for a whole day21:22
diversejaeger: it's not because of the writing errors I make, that happens to everybody. It's because how I do things inefficiently sometimes ;)21:27
jaegernobody's perfect21:28
diverseright, perhaps it means I'm becoming better :)21:34
diverseRomster helped out with testing yesterday, so it gave me a better idea of how to improve stuff21:36
jaegerI'm sure once I get around to sharing any code it'll be plenty laughable21:37
diverselike I said, I rather have people go "wtf" and tell me what's wrong with my code, that's one of the ways I learn, by taking advantage of people who are better than me.21:43
diversejaeger: when it comes to things like Linux, SSDs, motherboards, UEFI, I learned a fair amount from you :)21:52
jaegerI'm better at those things than at programming21:52
jaegerthanks for the vote of confidence, though :)21:52
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