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Worksterif you give me the rsync address for distfiles i'll sync with that00:04
Worksterbuti'll keep sources for now as i got other stuff in that directory i can't remove. else i'll have angry users that can't get source for some Pkgfiles.00:06
Worksteri'll have to sort that out.00:06
prologicI don't think it matters too much if s alve mirror has extra sources that the master doesn't have00:10
prologicrsync won't care either00:10
Worksteryeah as long as i have the necessary files. was thinking that. i'll have to deal with removing old files another way.00:43
Workstersince i do mirrors my romster distfiles there as well.00:43
prologicwhy bother removing old fistfiles00:43
prologicjust keep em :)00:43
Worksterfor now00:45
prologicI'll likely end up running 3 mirrors myself00:51, and at home00:51
prologicmy server is in Sydney00:52
prologicso good for us :)00:52
Romsteryeah but no geolocation yet and who many aussies even run crux... like 5 of us01:26
prologicyeah so?01:30
prologichow many crux users are there anyway?01:30
prologicso we aussies make up what 1% :)01:30
prologicthat's pretty good :)01:31
prologicmaybe even 2% :P01:31
prologicif you count actual installs01:31
prologicit might even be as high as 10%01:31
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juefrinnst: sorry for the late reply; indeed our start scripts are sometimes/often too simple to deal with all conditions, but that's the way Per had created them17:31
juemaybe it's worth to think about a redesign ... ?17:32
juee.g. alan and has something more sophisticated in his repo17:37
frinnstwhat are you replying to? :)17:49
frinnstoh right, the killall thingy17:49
frinnstYeah its probably a good idea to look through the different methods and perhaps try to conform to some standard. or create a wiki page with pros and cons for various methods17:50
jueI like the wiki page idea ;) something like "Different methods to start and stop daemons via shell scripts"18:09
juewill try to start a page the next days18:09
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teK_alternative 3: systemd-middleware19:49
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diversephew, my project is really coming together20:17
diverseeven for a rewrite this was tough20:18
diverseyou guys could use it to remove packages if you wanted too :P20:23
diversealthough the adding and building is still unneed testing/development20:24
teK_sleep tight20:27
diversethanks, for some reason, programming makes me do more typos than usual, but I guess I need more sleep.20:30
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