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teK_jaeger: mind check the subscription issue of vjon?11:12
jaegerteK_: sure, I'll take a look14:12
jaegerIt'll be a few minutes, just got into work. But I'll look at it :)14:35
jaegerteK_: I guess I need more info - ML sub issue? Did you get a direct email about it?14:56
jaegerI don't seem to have one, myself14:56
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teK_i think it's write issues15:35
teK_you cannot unsubscribe people by the web interface15:35
teK_the subscription issue was from #crux apparently15:36
teK_how can apparently mean 'obvious' and 'probably' at the same time -_-15:36
juetoday I played a bit with debian' start-stop-daemon, a small prog which does what the name says with a lot of useful features15:43
juehere's the man-page ->
jueI've to admit that I like it, particulary the feature to wait on stop action until the proccess has finished15:46
jueif someone else is interested to take a look, I've prepared a port in my personal repo15:47
jueincluded in the port but not installed are two start-scripts, for exim and squid, as examples15:48
juesure, everything can be done with pgrep, pkill etc. and sh scripting but with s-s-d the whole rc-script is short and neat15:52
juesize of the exe is 33K, only dependency is libc15:57
teK_it would be nice to see two scripts for a comparison, old vs. new15:58
juewell, you can take the exim and the squid examples and remove the status case15:59
jueand keep in mind that our current exim script doesn't work after an exim update16:00
jue... which was the reason to look into the whole thing a bit deeper ;)16:00
jaegerteK_: ah, ok. can you PM me the mailman site pass? I'll look into it on the server.16:20
jaegerjue: sounds useful, will take a look16:20
jaegerteK_: on a side note I'm using the distfiles mirror setup on a couple machines now, seems to work well16:27
jaegerteK_: I wonder if the problem is caused by the http->https redirect eating the POST data16:38
jaegerI should be able to test that by temporarily disabling the rewrite just for, I would think16:40
jaegerok, with the rewrite disabled for the "you must supply a valid email address" message doesn't occur, but subscription still doesn't work. I'll keep digging17:11
jaegerteK_: disregard the password request, I found it17:39
jaegerteK_: ok, I got the email sub and command line stuff working, it seems. The web sub is still broken when using the HTTPS rewrite19:52
jaegerteK_: ok, I think I have it fully fixed now. I'm testing it with another subscribe request from the web20:16
jaegerIf it works properly I'll explain the fixes20:20
teK_thanks for figuring this out21:07
teK_we had a chat wrt the admin password and I even included some string to be able to grep it from my logs later :P21:07
jaegerthat was how I found it again :)21:08
jaegeryep, looks like it works21:36
jaegerseems like it was a couple of problems. For some reason the direct email subscription wasn't working regardless of the web UI subscription21:37
jaegeronly adding a member directly using the command line script worked21:37
jaegerFirst, the "you must supply a valid email address problem" was due to the http->https rewrite21:38
jaegereven though you configured apache to try to force through https the form submission was going through http21:38
jaegerthe rewrite from http to https eats the POST data21:39
jaegerI added the following to /usr/mailman/Mailman/
jaegerThe first lines set the default host for everything mailman does internally to instead of crux.nu21:40
jaegerthe last 2 lines make sure the internal URLs use HTTPS21:40
jaegerto update the list with those settings I ran:21:40
jaeger$ sudo -H -u mailman /usr/mailman/bin/withlist -l -r fix_url CRUX -u -v21:40
jaegerI'll do the same with the other lists now that I know it works21:41
jaegerbetween those things and also running /usr/mailman/bin/check_perms -f, it seems like everything works now21:41
jaegercheck_perms found 15 permissions errors. Most of them were template language dirs so probably weren't ever an issue. I let it fix the rest up how it liked21:42
jaegerThere might also have been a permissions error that it didn't catch with /usr/mailman/lists/crux/pending.pck. It seemed to think that was fine but it wasn't getting updated. I removed it since the requests in it were expired anyway and a new one got created automatically21:43
jaegernow pending.pck only has 1 entry in it and it isn't me or vjon, I think it came in today21:43

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