IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2015-01-22

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diversejaeger: why fetch instead of pull for the git driver?04:20
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diverseRomster & prologic: I removed my old repo and created a new one called "metaport" and if you could, please star it again :)06:26
diverseRomster: also my tool is called "mport" for now on06:29
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jaegerdiverse: I think mine did a pull, though I don't remember14:56
jaegerI think kori modified it after I wrote a quick and dirty one14:56
jaegerwith that said, I wrote it in like 5 minutes, it was PoC only, not tested well14:57
diverseso probably kori could change that fetch to a pull and see if rmull gets better results14:57
diverseI'm getting very addicted to programming, I haven't even assembled my new tech station yet15:19
diverseso much fun to tweak and add stuff, it's a never ending puzzle15:21
diversegonna get some sleep, later everybody :)15:28
juejaeger: got a md5sum-error for crux-i686/python, pyconfig.h missing15:35
jaegerjue: oops, thanks for the heads-up15:37
jaegertook the config.h wrapper out since that was for multilib, guess I must have forgotten the md5sums15:38
jaegerok, updated15:40
juejaeger: thx16:02
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jaegerteK_: libxshmfence on seems to have a bad md5sum19:53
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Worksteri'd suggest doing this easy to search sums.22:39
Workster66662e76899112c0f99e22f2fc775a7e  libxshmfence-1.2.tar.bz222:40
Worksteroff mine.22:40
Workster eh 404?22:41
WorksterteK_, uses a different path?22:41

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