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jaegerThe ML seems to still be working, glad I didn't break it :D02:35
jaegerjue: are you actively using the i686 stuff?02:36
Worksterjaeger, how hard would it to be to spin up a i686 iso with that overlay be? plus a fw other tweaks to kernel config02:47
jaegereasy. I already did it once -
jaegerunrelated, I'll be out of town this weekend. Might check IRC now and then from the hotel but most of the time I'll be out03:01
Worksterwell jue is back now? so all good.03:08
Worksteri'll be around most of the weekend and monday is a public holiday03:08
Worksteraustralia day03:08
Worksterhmm that i686 would go well on along with a reference to the i686 overlay jaeger.03:11
jaegerI'll look into some CI ISO builds when I get back, been putting that off for a long time03:17
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Worksterah nice idea03:26
jaegerI've actually been building the ISOs with the CI script for months :D I just haven't set up anything like jenkins or cron to run it regularly03:30
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prologicthere's also the docker iamge to buid the iso too03:59
prologicthat I should finish up03:59
prologicit's "almost there"03:59
diversean image with all the utilities to build an iso?04:05
prologicso you just run the image/container04:42
prologicand hours later you get a built iso04:42
Worksterthought that be possible05:38
diverseso if I'm updating 2 ports, could I use this as a commit message: "port1, port2: update to blah" ?05:51
Worksteryou'd usually do 2 commits05:55
Workstersee php ports all done separately even though same version05:56
diverseah okay, let's see... oh I guess what I could do is go into each port dir, do `git add .` and `git commit -m 'message'` and then push05:58
Worksteryou can delay push to the very end06:07
Workstermultiple commits then push06:07
Worksterdon't push after every commit if your just gonna commit more in a minute or two.06:08
Worksterunless you like got 10 or more already06:08
diverses/and then push/and then push when all done/06:09
diverseWorkster: it worked out well, thanks :)06:19
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diversejust wondering, when prt-get removes multiple packages, does it call ldconfig once after finishing removing everything or does ldconfig run everytime a package is removed?06:52
diverseso does `prt-get remove port1 port2` do 2 pkgrm usages?08:54
frinnstdont know offhand, simple check in pkgrm ?10:01
frinnstopenssl 1.0.2 - wee10:02
frinnstlets see what breaks10:02
frinnst Changes between 1.0.1l and 1.0.2 [22 Jan 2015]10:03
frinnstbunch of CVEs10:03
diversefrinnst: I need to see the source of prt-get10:26
frinnst-default_bits= 102410:42
frinnst+default_bits= 204810:42
diversethat's an improvement10:51
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frinnstAuthor: Jose V Beneyto <>12:18
frinnstnew mail address?12:18
juejaeger: yeah, my old laptop is still in use sometimes and I'm updating from time to time13:56
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juefrinnst: no version change in the soname?14:03
frinnstnope, no revdep issues14:19
juethat's good and an update possible without hassle :)14:23
frinnstprobably yeah, Im about to head home and i'll do some rebuilds14:49
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frinnsteverything rebuilt fine19:40
frinnstand no runtime issues detected. preparing to push19:40
frinnstand there are no security fixes according to the NEWS file19:42
frinnstbtw whats the status of the distfiles-mirror project ?19:46
frinnstnoticed first hand that prt-get and httpup no longer downloads19:47
teK_functional. overall.19:47
frinnstis there a digest to read over? I've seen some talk about it in here but havent had time to follow19:48
teK_we should switch to a master-slave model with notifications via githooks and from  http to rsync19:49
frinnstis there a round-robin dns name for the mirrors?20:00
teK_a round-robin HTTP URL.20:01
frinnstand it is.. ? :)20:01
frinnstare there any scripts available?20:39
frinnstjust set up distfiles.obra.se20:40
teK_did not  change from the last time I posted it20:44
teK_jaeger has somedelete magic + sqlite20:44
frinnsthm, i might still have it around20:48
frinnststart-stop-daemon looks really nice btw20:56
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teK_frinnst: I added to our rotation22:34
teK_Romster: you might want to increase update frequency of your syncing :)22:39
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