IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2015-01-24

frinnsthow often do you guys run it? i have it set to once every 30 minutes. might be a bit often :)00:34
frinnstmy list of stuff that fails to download00:44
frinnststupid github crap00:46
Romstera commit bomb lately of commits...02:49
Romsterfrinnst, try doing a second run from the mirror or from mine as i have grabbed a few that wouldn't download.02:50
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Romsteri have all of contrib sources now except 2 of sepens ports
Romsterwhich i filed bugs for.04:28
diverseRomster: do you feel up for testing mport today?07:06
Romsterpossibly just messing with conky and recompiling kernel atm07:19
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Romster4f5799443225982eb68306cf62f5353f  libpthread-stubs-0.3.tar.bz209:15
Romsterfrom teks server
Romsterdoesn't match09:15
Romsterour md5sum matches
RomsterteK_, your files are majorly wrong.09:22
Romsterwe need to be checking sums09:23
Romsterwhat sort of tampering has teks files got.09:23
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juefrinnst: indeed, start-stop-daemon is very handy, with it it's very easy to improve our rc scripts without complicated sh code13:55
juefrinnst: btw, new openssl breaks build of mysql but I found the reason and are on the way to commit a fix13:55
frinnstah goodie. sorry about that, never did test mysql :)14:00
juein include/openssl/opensslv.h they changed '#define ...' into '# define ...' and that breaks the cmake stuff of mysql14:00
jueother cmake builds might break as well, because the FindOpenSSL.cmake module does the same ...14:04
jueto look up the openssl version number14:07
teK_Romster: that's because I used the  gentoo mirror  in Erlangen for downloads. Fixing this atm. Still you need to sync more often a) and b) wine 1.7.34 is available (and fixing a bug I just hit)16:44
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frinnsthow often do you sync tek?17:47
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